Member Directory

The Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen is made up of professional makers, part-time professionals, emerging artists, hobbyists and craft-lovers. We have 1,500 members in 33 states. Use the search sidebar to find the right craftsmen perfect for your needs.  The directory is best viewed in Chrome,  Firefox or Safari. denotes a member has received Juried Status, a recognition for a body of work that meets or exceeds three benchmarks: excellence in craftsmanship, resolved design and unique voice or style.

AaronPhyllis AaronClay, wheel thrown pottery
AbgottJack AbgottMixed Media, industrial salvage sculpture
AbsilNicolette AbsilJuriedjuriedJewelry, jewelry; enamel and precious metal
AdamsMary AdamsFiber, handmade purses & bags
AdrezinMaurine AdrezinJuriedjuriedFiber, cloth dolls, weaving, felting
AhlgrimBen AhlgrimGlass, custom lighting, commission, instruction, metal fabrication
Glass Artisans
AhrensOlga AhrensJuriedjuriedAssorted, pysanky eggs
AlbrightBuffy AlbrightJuriedjuriedPaper, quilling
AlexanderJosephine AlexanderGlass, mosaics, realistic & fantasy topics
Fine Art
AlfredWilliam AlfredJuriedjuriedWood, hand carved holiday figures
AllenBetty AllenMetalFiber, macrame
AllenCarol AllenClay, reduction fired wheel thrown functional stoneware
AllenElizabeth AllenPhotographyfiber, silk painting
AllenNancy AllenJuriedjuriedGlass, kiln fired plates & bowls
AlmonMargaret AlmonGlass, glass mosaics
AmraniOrna AmraniMixed Media, sculpey over handmade parchment paper
AndersonAndy AndersonJuriedjuriedClay, hand pressed clay tiles
AndressRonald AndressClayGlass
AndrewMaureen AndrewFiber, needle felted wool creatures
AndrokitesAllen AndrokitesJuriedjuriedWood, Shaker boxes, woodturning
AngellJeanne AngellPhotography, nature, digital art
AnspachCarol AnspachJuriedjuriedJewelry, precious metal
Photography, abstracts
AnthonyJean AnthonyJuriedjuriedJewelry, fine jewelry
AntonishakRobert AntonishakBasketry, Nantucket baskets
AppleSylvia AppleJuriedjuriedFiber, quilted paintings w handmade fabric
Clay, sculptures & reliefs
ApplebyJudy ApplebyBasketry, traditional & free form art pieces
ArkensCharles ArkensWood, wood-scroll saw
ArkensLinda ArkensFiber, piecing & quilting
Wood, painting on wood
ArmstrongJennifer ArmstrongFiber, hand-loomed knitwear
ArndtJane ArndtAssorted, handpainted items
ArnoneJoAnne ArnoneJuriedjuriedClay, wheelthrown functional stoneware
Jewelry as Adj
AronVivian AronJuriedjuriedBasketry, basket design, weaving
AronzonLisa AronzonGlass, hand blown glass
AtenBeth AtenJuriedjuriedPaper, stitched works
AtkinsonDon AtkinsonJuriedjuriedGlass, stained glass
AtwellMichael AtwellWood, occasional furniture and kitchen wares
AtwellRobbin AtwellAssorted, art doll crafting & costuming
AulickCatherine AulickJewelry, woven silver and gemstones
AvicolliKathy AvicolliJewelry, hand crafted artisan jewelry
AxsmithWilfriede AxsmithJuriedjuriedFiber, hand-painted silk
Fiber, cloth & polymer clay
BabitzkeRose BabitzkeJewelry, hand engraving, personalization & beading
BachertRoy BachertClay, unique & functional pottery
BadgerLee BadgerJuriedjuriedMetal, decorative ironwork: furniture, sculpture, architectural
BaerLeonard BaerWood, woodturning; bowls & vases
BahmDeborah BahmWood, functional turned wood
BairMark BairJuriedjuriedWood, traditional folk carving
BakerCynthia BakerFiber, woven, knitted & felted accessories
Chester County
BakerSara BakerJuriedjuriedClay, thrown & altered functional stoneware
BaldwinBill BaldwinJuriedjuriedLeather, functional & sculptural leatherwork
BaldwinSue BaldwinJuriedjuriedLeather, functional & sculptural leatherwork
BallDeena BallJuriedjuriedFine Art, landscape paintings
BallantyneNancy BallantyneAssorted, gourd folk art & washi eggs, beading
Assorted, decorative painting
BalockGeorge BalockJuriedjuriedWood, functional & artistic woodturning
BalzerMichael BalzerWood, jewelry boxes, music boxes, gifts
BaneyCarol BaneyJewelry, watch part & steampunk
Mixed Media
BankThomas BankWood, architectural art
BankesRod BankesWood, 18th century furniture: windsor chairs
BanksLouise BanksGlass, mosaic: mixed media
Fine Art
BarbeauAlexis BarbeauJewelry, precious metal jewelry
BarbersPhilip BarbersGlass, fused, leaded, sand blasted & carved
BardElisabeth BardPhotography, fine art photography
Fine Art
BardolArden BardolJuriedjuriedJewelry, polymer
BardolSheila BardolJewelry, polymer clay
BarkbyDavid BarkbyJuriedjuriedWood, woodturning
BarnettJames BarnettJuriedjuriedMetal, tinsmith
BarnhardtAnnie BarnhardtFine Art, portraits of people & places
Paper, artist books, calligraphy
BarrierAndrea BarrierJewelry, formed silver & copper wire
Yellow Breeches
BarryKaris BarryClay, porcelain with engobe and sgraffito
BartlPamela BartlJuriedjuriedFiber, handwoven cotton clothing
BartmannSharon BartmannClay, hand-built ceramics & raku
Mixed Media
BartonCharlie BartonPhotography
BasiKali BasiFiber
BastJoanne BastFiber, knitting, felting, stitching, beadwork, polymer clay
Yellow Breeches
BaumJudith BaumJewelry, healing crystal w gemstones
BaxterDan BaxterMixed Media, 3D mixed media art from vintage items
BaxterEllen BaxterJewelry, handcrafted silver links & found objects
Mixed Media, collage
BayneBarbara BayneJuriedjuriedJewelry, textured, die formed, fabricated
BeachHarriett BeachJuriedjuriedClay, potter
Jewelry as Adj
BeanCarl BeanClay, functional pottery and raku
Fine Art
BeardPatricia BeardJuriedjuriedFiber, handwoven clothing & accessories
Beard JrEdwin Beard JrWood, Shaker boxes
BeazleyJohn BeazleyJuriedjuriedPaper, papier mache figures, folk art
BeazleyLinda BeazleyJuriedjuriedPaper, papier mache, calligraphy, watercolors
Assorted, folk art
BeckerDeb BeckerGlass, stained glass w carved wood
Yellow Breeches
BeckerMatthew BeckerPhotography, graphic design
Mixed Media
BeidlerKen BeidlerJuriedjuriedClay, functional stoneware & porcelain
BeightolLisa BeightolJewelry, chain maille
BeilerLinda BeilerJuriedjuriedFiber, straw art
BellElaine BellGlass, decorative, painted & leaded glass
BenedictKarri BenedictJuriedjuriedClay, stoneware & raku
Wood, furniture
BenignoJohn BenignoJuriedjuriedPhotography, fine art photography
BenjaminCamille BenjaminFiber, weft clothing for men and women
BenkoskiJuleann BenkoskiJuriedjuriedJewelry, silver & felt jewelry
BennecoffBarry BennecoffWood
BennethumKathleen BennethumJewelry, precious metal, precious & semi-precious stones
BennettJerry BennettJuriedjuriedClay, handbuilt porcelain using paperclay
Benton McCloskeyLinda Benton McCloskeyFine Art, contemporary abstract
BergerJennifer BergerJuriedjuriedBasketry, traditional & original
Fiber, felted ornaments & decorative items
BergeyBrook BergeyJewelry, dichroic fused glass & sterling silver
BermanEric BermanJuriedjuriedWood, wooden birdhouses
Metal, copper mounting poles
BermanMichele BermanJewelry, handmade gold & silver jewelry
BerryLinda BerryFine Art, traditional subject: gardens, cities, people
BiechlerPhilip BiechlerMetal, steel sculpture
Fine Art, furniture design
BilakKaren BilakJuriedjuriedFiber, framed patchwork quilts
BilletLinda BilletJuriedjuriedGlass, kilnformed & mosaic glass
BlackJennifer BlackPaper, handpainted, cut & pierced lampshades
BlakeCarol BlakeJewelry
BlazerPatricia BlazerFiber, couturier, spinner, weaver, silversmith
BleilDave BleilJuriedjuriedWood, sleds, carving, wood turning
BockSusan BockPhotography
BohrenDeborah BohrenPhotography, color environmental urban landscapes
BoltzGerry BoltzJuriedjuriedWood, woodcarving: birds, waterfowl, birds of prey
BoncalAnn BoncalJewelry, bead weaving & chain maille
BonfantiBarbara BonfantiJuriedjuriedBasketry, reed, pine needle & nantucket baskets
BorbasKlara BorbasJewelry, handshaped porcelain & polymer beads
BoscarinoRicky BoscarinoJuriedjuriedJewelry, whimsical but serious metal jewelry
BouderJudy BouderAssorted, pressed flower pictures
BouderToby BouderWood, turned wooden items
BowerCheryl BowerGlass, lampwork glass, fused
Jewelry, lampwork glass, precious metal
BowersMichelle BowersAssorted, handmade scented soy candles in unique and some handmade containers
BowmanDavid BowmanJuriedjuriedWood, wooden salvage and mechanized dolls
Bowman-FriedlanderLeslie Bowman-FriedlanderFiber, quilted wall hangings
BoyerBrenda BoyerAssorted, traditional dried floral design
BoyerJudy BoyerMixed Media, dried plant 2D art
BoyerTerry BoyerJuriedjuriedWood, miniature log homes & wall hangings
Mixed Media
BoyerWenda BoyerJewelry, horse hair jewelry & accessories
BoykoRichard BoykoWood, relief carving in wood
BoylanMarti BoylanClay, sculptural vessels
Jewelry as Adj
BozmanBruce BozmanPhotography, pictorial and semi-abstract photographs
Bracci-McIndoeConstance Bracci-McIndoeJuriedjuriedClay, functional & sculptural clay
BradleyAnita BradleyClay
Brady SmithElaine Brady SmithMixed Media, collage, mixed media & encaustic
BrantnerKurt BrantnerClay, wood fired pottery
BraseltonPhilip BraseltonMetal, found object steel sculpture
BrehmKelly BrehmFiber, artist teddy bears - heirloom mink
BrelsfordAllegra BrelsfordFiber, decorative quiltmaking
BrethauerDavid BrethauerJuriedjuriedWood, functional & decorative wood turnings
BrevisJohannes BrevisMetal, bells, baskets & sculpture
BrickellRobin BrickellFiber, wearable fiber
BrightbillAmy BrightbillJewelry, gemstones, glass, bone, wood, shells
BriscoeRaymond BriscoeJuriedjuriedWood, whimsical wood carvings
BrollyBrenda BrollyMixed MediaPaper
BrooksCheryl BrooksJuriedjuriedJewelry, precious metal jewelry
BrooksConstance BrooksJuriedjuriedMixed Media, whimsical fantasy dolls
BrooksJoan BrooksJuriedjuriedClay, garden pottery
BrowerJennifer BrowerJewelry, sterling silver woven chainmaille
BrownEileen BrownJuriedjuriedLeather, purses & belts
BrownElisabeth BrownJuriedjuriedFiber, classic handwoven clothing
BrownMike BrownMixed Media, paper mache and chalkware
BrownRussel BrownPhotography, landscape / cityscape
Brown-SteedlyPaula Brown-SteedlyJuriedjuriedClay, pottery & sculpture
BrubakerMary Ellen BrubakerJuriedjuriedFiber, jointed mohair bears & wool felt dolls
BrueckJason BrueckPhotography, digital collage limited edition prints
BrunsonLori BrunsonJewelry, fused glass and metal jewelry
BryansMartha BryansFiber, wet felted wool paintings
Mixed Media
BryantNancy BryantJewelry, traditional metalsmithing using fine gems and pearls
Bryza-StevensonJodi Bryza-StevensonAssorted, beadwoven tapestries & jewelry
BuffingtonCharles BuffingtonJuriedjuriedWood, jewelry & decorative boxes
BullPatricia BullMixed Media, design unique original and elegant throw pillows using hand cut patterns
BurkAmy BurkClay, utilitarian & functional ceramics
BurkeVince BurkePhotography, fine art photography
BurkholderDonald BurkholderJuriedjuriedClay, functional stoneware
BurnsDavid BurnsBasketry, Nantucket lightship style baskets
BursteinDan BursteinGlass, stained glass panels & custom work, glass blowing
BursteinJill BursteinGlass, stained glass windows
Fine Art
BussLarry BussClay, artisan vessels & tiles
ByrdVicki ByrdJuriedjuriedMetal, bronze fusion
Glass, stained glass
ByrneChris ByrnePhotography, landscape photography
ByrnesJames ByrnesGlass, Christmas ornaments
ByronJanet ByronFiber, nuno-felted silk scarves & wraps
CaccavellaVirginia CaccavellaJewelry, precious metal, semi precious stones
Fine Art, representational oil painting
CaldwellJennifer CaldwellJewelry, sterling silver jewelry, cabochons, larimar
CaldwellKaren CaldwellGlass, fused glass tableware, accessories
CalehuffMary CalehuffJuriedjuriedPaper, papier mache nodders
CallahanMurray CallahanAssorted, painted decor & illustrated cards
CalvoBarbara CalvoJuriedjuriedFiber, santas & folk dolls
CamenzindPaula CamenzindJuriedjuriedClay, porcelain & stoneware
Jewelry as Adj
CantelmiRobert CantelmiJuriedjuriedMetal, metal
Metal, contemporary sculpture metal & stone
CantlerAdrienne CantlerJewelry, metals, embroidery, chainmaille
Fine Art
CaperellRobert CaperellMetal, forged ironwork
CappyMary CappyJewelry, SS botanical jewelry
CareyGilbert CareyWood, decorative and functional wood sculpture
CareyTim CareyJuriedjuriedJewelry
CarkhuffGregory CarkhuffWood, wood turning
CarlucciSharon CarlucciJuriedjuriedGlass, lampworked glass beads
Jewelry, wire-wrapped jewelry
CarpenterMelissa CarpenterJuriedjuriedClay, functional slip trailed pottery
Fiber, hand spinning, dyeing, hand knit
CarrVirginia CarrJewelry, sterling & handmade glass beads
CarsonTheresa CarsonJewelry, sterling silver contemporary jewelry
CarterJudy CarterJuriedjuriedFiber, traditional rug hooking
CarterMiriam CarterFiber, wool felt wearable art
CaufieldJames CaufieldWood, rustic art furniture & accessories
ChaseRenee ChaseJuriedjuriedClay, slab built ceramic figures
ChatfieldLinda ChatfieldPrint Making, intaglio prints and collage
Mixed Media, mixed media, pastel
ChavanneTom ChavanneJewelry, argentium, sterling silver & gold
ChelenzaCarey ChelenzaJewelry, broken china mosaic jewelry
Mixed Media, broken china mosaic
ChenMichael ChenPhotography
ChickoRichard ChickoJewelry, wooden jewelry
ChiericiSandra ChiericiGlass, functional decorative fused glass
ChoMichael ChoJuriedjuriedClay, stoneware
ChristieH. Dennis ChristieJuriedjuriedGlass, stained & leaded
ChuangCynthia ChuangJuriedjuriedJewelry, whimsical porcelain jewelry
ChurchillElizabeth ChurchillJewelry, custom handmade jewelry
CiarciaCindy CiarciaFiber, wearable fiber art
ClapperTess ClapperJewelry, sterling silver gemstone & pearl
ClarkKenneth ClarkAssorted, sundial designer
ClarkStacy ClarkJuriedjuriedFiber, cloth figures, seasonal, traditional & interpretive
Assorted, 3D interpretations folklore characters
ClaypooleEric ClaypooleWood, hex signs, cans, barn stars
ClaypooleNeil ClaypooleWood, handcrafted wooden kitchen utensils
ClaypooleShawn ClaypooleWood, handcrafted wooden kitchen utensils
ClemansChris ClemansMetal, iron and wood functional art
ClevengerCharles ClevengerFine Art, folk painting
ClindininAvril ClindininFiber, handmade uniquely embellish ladies accessories
ClingmanCarolyn ClingmanPaper, pet-themed wrapping paper & greeting cards
ClouseKaren ClouseWood, decorative painting
CluckAlexander CluckClay, functional, sculptural stoneware & porcelain
Assorted, porcelain, glass jewelry
Cohen-EskinEsther Cohen-EskinJewelry, vintage bottle cap creations
Mixed Media
CoiaHolly CoiaJuriedjuriedAssorted, painted hard-shelled gourds
ColbornTheresa ColbornJewelry, handcrafted jewelry designs
ColdrenSandra ColdrenJuriedjuriedAssorted, theorem painting
ColeAlexis ColeFiber
ColestockCarol ColestockFine Art, graphite portraits
CollisonKarl CollisonWood, handmade furniture
ColombariniLouis ColombariniClay, primitive sawdust pit fired clay
ColucciMelissa ColucciJewelry, artisan gold & silver jewelry
ConardJudy ConardJewelry, precious metal, glass, porcelain & fiber
ContiKay ContiFiber, fabric sculpture
Fine Art
ContineDiana ContineJuriedjuriedJewelry, fine silver, sterling, gemstones & bead
Fiber, adult clothing & hats
ConwayBette ConwayJewelry, silver, gold, natural stones, fossils, celtic/ contemporary designs
CookChrissy CookJewelry, Contemporary sterling silver jewelry
CooverMary CooverJuriedjuriedClay, fantasy porcelain
CorneliusAmyRenee CorneliusJewelry
CornmanDebbie CornmanMixed Media, hand-engraved glass, metal, wood
Fine Art, painting: oils, acrylics, animal portraits
CothardCandace CothardJewelry, one-of-a-kind contemporary
CoxValda CoxJuriedjuriedClay, functional porcelain pottery
CreshkoffMaggie CreshkoffClay
Cressman-ReederEileen Cressman-ReederMixed Media, boxes, wall reliefs, polymer clay
CrittendenKi CrittendenClay, high fire pottery
CrochetNancy CrochetFiber, artfully designed jackets
CromanRussell CromanClay, stoneware pottery, functional & decorative
CromerDiane CromerWoodFine Art, wildlife painting
CromptonLinda CromptonJewelry, wearable wired and precious metal designs with gemstones
CronrathJeffrey CronrathWood, turn bowls, goblets, bird houses, etc
CrossanLawrence CrossanJuriedjuriedwood, 18th cent. furniture reproductions
CrumayDiana CrumayJewelry, fold forming & enameling
Photography, flower photography
CrumlingMichael CrumlingWood, hand crafted cigar box guitars
CrutchfieldJohn CrutchfieldMixed Media, unique graphic arts technique applied to brass with fiberglass
Jewelry as Adj, metallic art graphic jewelry
CruzJenny CruzClay, pottery using traditional raku method
CummingsPamela CummingsJuriedjuriedClay, domestic stoneware, flower vessels
CunferBrian CunferJuriedjuriedWood, windsor chairs
CunferKathleen CunferJuriedjuriedBasketry, painted paper baskets
CunicelliPeter CunicelliClay, hand built vessels
CunninghamDebra CunninghamJewelry, handwoven beaded
CupplesPaul CupplesWood, furniture, home repair, accessories, remodeling
CurleyJill CurleyFiber, hand-weaving & spinning
CylinderLisa CylinderJewelry, narrative jewelry tales & feats
Mixed Media
DaggsJennifer DaggsGlass, stained glass jewelry & sculptures
DahanMartha DahanJuriedjuriedJewelry, distinctive, finely crafted gold jewelry
DahanMoshe DahanJuriedjuriedJewelry, distinctive, finely crafted gold jewelry
DamgaardDonna DamgaardJewelry, glass, beads, metal & gems
DanzonPatricia DanzonPhotography, fine art giclee prints
DasJupi DasJuriedjuriedPaper, hand cut paper
DavidsonGerald DavidsonMixed Media, contemporary mosaics
DavisDarriel DavisFiber, felt and fiber accessories and home decor
Mixed Media
DavisGale DavisClay, high-fire stoneware & porcelain ware/objects
DayStephen DayJuriedjuriedClay
de PerrotSteven de PerrotJuriedjuriedClay, pottery & tile art
DebraskyKaryn DebraskyJuriedjuriedMixed Media, contemporary collage; paper, handmade textures, found objects
DeCresenzoJanine DeCresenzoJuriedjuriedJewelry, sculptural jewelry fusing antique with space-age
DedekindRoss DedekindJuriedjuriedWood, wood decoys & carvings
DeGregorioJudith DeGregorioJuriedjuriedPaper, cut & pierced custom lampshades
Fiber, rag jackets & tote bags
DeiblerConnie DeiblerMixed Media, repurposing, upcycling, found objects
DeighanHilary DeighanAssorted, decorative painting - furniture & accessories
DelanoTim DelanoLeather, carved & tooled leather goods
DelMarcelleDale DelMarcelleGlass, traditional bevel panels & home accessories
DemingScott DemingWood, sculpted hardwoods
DemmeLaura DemmeJuriedjuriedClay, raku fired decorative, functional porcelain
Mixed Media
Deneen Jr.Thomas Deneen Jr.Wood, woodturning on lathe
DensmoreThomas DensmoreJuriedjuriedWood, cabinetmaking, specializing in woodturning
DerstineRachel DerstineJuriedjuriedFiber, art quilts
DevineJean DevineClay, china painting
DeVriesPatricia DeVriesFiber, wheat weaving
DeWitt Jr.Robert DeWitt Jr.JuriedjuriedWood, handcrafted spoons & bowls
DienerMarilyn DienerJuriedjuriedPaper, scherenschnitte
Dieterle Jr.Richard Dieterle Jr.WoodFine Art
DiJulioTerri DiJulioJuriedjuriedJewelry
DillonDon DillonJuriedjuriedWood, hand carved cookie molds, wall hangings
DinsmoreKathy DinsmoreJuriedjuriedFiber, handwoven clothing & accessories
DiSistoAnn Marie DiSistoJewelry, pearls, gemstones, fine silver
Bucks County
DixonJennifer DixonPhotography, digital
Fiber, knitting
DonnellyKylie DonnellyJewelry
DonnellyMary Kay DonnellyJuriedjuriedJewelry, 14k, 18k & sterling silver
DonofrioCaryn DonofrioJuriedjuriedLeather, embossed cow hide shoulder bags
DonofrioCharles DonofrioJuriedjuriedLeather, embossed cow hide shoulder bags
DonovanMichael DonovanPhotography, color black and white fine art images
DonovanSharon DonovanJewelry, fabricated silver jewelry, woven with beads and pearls
DoucetteJulia DoucetteJuriedjuriedClay, decorative stoneware sculpture
Fiber, felted art, wearables, coasters
DoucetteLinda DoucetteJuriedjuriedFiber, natural dyeing, weaving, felting
Mixed Media
Doucette-RennerJuliet Doucette-RennerFiber, art quilts, repurposed denim, accessories
Mixed Media
Central PA
DouglasClare DouglasPaper
DourteRichelle DourteJewelry, copper & resin metalwork
DowshenMarsha DowshenJuriedjuriedClay, functional colorful stoneware pottery
DraboLorene DraboFiber, women's rainwear & laminated cotton
DreibelbisMarsha DreibelbisClay, functional earthenware & jewelry
Jewelry, precious metal, gemstone & glass
DresnerNorman DresnerWood, turned objects
Mixed Media
DrosnesKaren DrosnesGlass, fused jewelry, dishes, ornaments, stained glass
DublanicaPeter DublanicaMixed Media, stone & wood tables
DuffinAngela DuffinJewelry
DunhamJoan DunhamJuriedjuriedFiber, theorem painting-stenciling on cotton velveteen w oil paints
DunneDonald DunneMetal, copper garden sculptures
DunoffSharon DunoffJewelry, beaded jewelry & repair
DuranMarla DuranFiber, women's clothing
DurhamWilliam DurhamWood, accent furniture
DurkeeDoug DurkeeMixed Media, contemporary grandfather clocks, tables, mirrors
DurrRonald DurrWood, open segmented, closed segmented, hollow & solid forms
DzhanibekovaInna DzhanibekovaJewelry, mixed media & enamel
EberhardJoan EberhardJewelry, silver jewelry
EckertMichael EckertWood, whimsies & wood craft
Mixed Media
Edsall-KerwinWendy Edsall-KerwinJewelry, contemporary home & body ornament
EdwardsAlan EdwardsJewelry, semi-precious gemstones, ss, gf wire wrapping
EdwardsKathleen EdwardsJewelry, beaded & polymer clay jewelry
Clay, polymer clay buttons
EdwardsLucy EdwardsJuriedjuriedClay, pottery & sculpture
Fiber, fabric designs
EgeeRobert EgeeWood, bowls, vases, closed vessels
EisenFred EisenLeather, custom made bags, briefcases & belts
EldrethDavid EldrethJuriedjuriedClay, salt glazed stoneware & redware pottery
Jewelry as Adj
Eldreth ChuteDiana Eldreth ChuteJewelry, handpainted porcelain and sterling silver jewelry
Mixed Media
ElizabethJill ElizabethJuriedjuriedJewelry, beaded & wrapped mirrored chrome pins & earrings
EllenVirginia EllenClay, functional stoneware
Jewelry as Adj, beaded jewelry
Emrich, Sr.Charles Emrich, Sr.JuriedjuriedWood, handcarved folk art
EnckClarissa EnckJuriedjuriedClay, functional stoneware & porcelain
EnglishKaren EnglishWood, decorative painting
EpsteinRick EpsteinClay, handsculpted bas-relief tiles depicting 3D landscape
EricksonMargery EricksonJuriedjuriedFiber, handwoven clothing
ErinoffEileen ErinoffJewelry, off-loom beadweaving and bead embroidery
ErohPatricia ErohFiber, one of a kind w ribbons, yarn & beads
EwerRegina EwerJuriedjuriedJewelry, sterling & mixed metal jewelry
Metal, freeform steel sculpture
FabricoStephen FabricoJuriedjuriedClay, functional & sculptural high fired ceramics
FanninJason T. FanninMetal, coppers decor for the home and kitchen
Fansmith, Jr.John Fansmith, Jr.Assorted, multiple medium decorative arts
Faulkner Jr.Richard Faulkner Jr.JuriedjuriedAssorted, candles, clustered groups of contemporary forms
FauserDamion FauserJuriedjuriedwood, timber designs
FavorsNathan FavorsWood, local & exotic woods turned on lathe
FawkesDolores FawkesJewelry, porcelain and sterling silver
FeatherJames FeatherWood, woodcarving
FedericiLeslianna FedericiJewelry, jewelry crafted from antique china
Mixed Media
FeiersteinPaula FeiersteinClay, porcelain dolls, jewelry, costumes, fused glass
FeinDonna FeinJuriedjuriedGlass, organic internal imagery paperweights
FeldmanMary Rose FeldmanPaper, fine paper artist
FernekesSheila FernekesJuriedjuriedJewelry, contemporary handwoven beadwork
Mixed Media
FerreeDavid FerreeWood, carved santas & tree ornaments
FiantJeffrey FiantJuriedjuriedWood, windsor chairs, settees, stools
FigliolaLinda FigliolaLeather, bags using post production material
FilbyShawn FilbyWood, carving and furniture
FineTheodora FineJuriedjuriedJewelry, wearable bead art jewelry
FinkLinda FinkClay, pens, jewelry, ornaments in polymer clay
Mixed Media
FirlikKirsten FirlikClay
FirthDonald FirthJuriedjuriedJewelry, handcrafted metalwork
FisherDavid FisherJuriedjuriedMetal, blacksmith, brass, copper
FisherJeanne FisherJuriedjuriedPaper, origami mobiles, stabiles, collages
FisherJohn FisherJuriedjuriedJewelry, precious metals
FisherRona FisherJuriedjuriedJewelry, primal elegance in precious metals
FlammerRichard F. FlammerMixed Media, watercolor painting
Wood, custom made furniture & turnings
FlanaganPatty FlanaganFiber, Tibetan lambskin-doll wig making
FlaniganTimothy FlaniganPhotography, wildlife & nature
FlanneryCharles FlanneryJuriedjuriedClay, handcrafted military miniatures
FleckPamela FleckFine Art, gallery owner
FleischerSusan FleischerJuriedjuriedClay, polymer clay jewelry & home accessories
Jewelry as Adj
FlexerShane FlexerWood, hand-carved folk art figures
FlickingerEileen FlickingerJuriedjuriedFiber, patchwork, applique
FloodRosemary FloodClay, functional and whimsical pottery, soft fluid edges and glazes
FlynnRobin FlynnJuriedjuriedGlass, functional & decorative kiln glass
FoltzGay FoltzJuriedjuriedWood, folk art woodcarvings
ForlenzaInge ForlenzaJewelry, off loom beaded jewelry
Forman BarrettHarriet Forman BarrettJuriedjuriedJewelry, fine signature jewelry in sterling silver and 14k gold
Metal, bronze sculpture
FoxAlfred FoxJuriedjuriedWood, segmented wood turning
FoxDianne FoxJuriedjuriedClay, clay sculpture
Jewelry as Adj, clay sculpture as jewelry
Fox MillerPatrice Fox MillerJewelry, mixed media designs & Kumihimo
FrankDavid FrankPhotography, fine art landscapes
FraserDavid FraserJuriedjuriedFiber, ply-split braiding & weft twining
FrederickNeil FrederickWood, wood boxes
FreedArlene FreedJuriedjuriedJewelry, fabricated fused metals, sterling, gold w hand painted silk
FreedmanMarc FreedmanWood, hand worked sculptural wood
FreemanKate FreemanFiber, felted knits
Jewelry, chain maille
FreemanSamantha FreemanJewelry
FreitagMichael FreitagWood, woodturning
FrenchLois FrenchFiber, traditional tapestry style hooked rugs
FreyThomas FreyJuriedjuriedWood, decorative, thin walled, lathe turned vessels
FritzgesChris FritzgesJuriedjuriedWood, segmented bowls, chinese balls, open spirals
FugelsoJohn FugelsoWood, spoons, bowls, useful household objects
FultonJan FultonFiber, art quilts & table linens
FultzMargaret FultzFiber, crochet ponchos, sweaters, purses, scarves
GageHolly GageJuriedjuriedJewelry, fine silver art jewelry
GallTom GallJuriedjuriedWood, woodturnings, functional & decorative
GallagherFrank GallagherJuriedjuriedGlass, stained glass windows & fireplace screens
GallagherLisa GallagherJuriedjuriedJewelry, precious metal, stones, filigree
GallagherNancy GallagherClay, wheel thrown, hand-built functional pottery
GallagherRee GallagherJuriedjuriedJewelry, aluminum, precious and semi-precious stones
Mixed Media
GansDara GansJewelry, repurposed items, jewelry made from found objects
GardinerJoy GardinerFiber, dyed resist patterned scarves
GarlJanice Garl
Garl, Sr.Cleon Garl, Sr.Wood, hand turned pens & gifts
GarnerAlan GarnerWood, Shaker boxes, cradles, furniture
GarofolaSusan GarofolaJewelry, sea shell and sea glass wire wrapped jewelry
GarrabrandtBruce GarrabrandtFine Art, whimsical colored pencil, limited editions
GarrisSandi GarrisFiber, painting on silk - framed
GatesElizabeth GatesJuriedjuriedPaper, book binding, paste paper, boxes
Jewelry as Adj
GatesKaren GatesJuriedjuriedFiber, miniature punch-needle embroidery in false grained frames
Fiber, hooked rugs & miniature hooked rugs
Gathings Virginia GathingsJewelry, fusing, repurposing glass, incorporating metal
GatskiBen GatskiMetal, sculpture made from recycled farm machinery
GavinTerri GavinFiber, dyed, painted, and/or sewn fabrics and fabric art
GearhartTerrance GearhartWood, hand turned wood items
GebhartBarry GebhartJewelry, silversmith, precious metal, gemstones
GeersLaurel GeersClay, illustrated functional stoneware
GelsingerNolly GelsingerJewelry, original lampwork glass beads
Glass, jewelry & functional objects
GerhartAnne GerhartJuriedjuriedMetal, handpainted & cut tin
Jewelry as Adj
GermannEvan GermannWood, furniture, cutting boards, turned bowls , jewelry boxes
GermannJenny GermannFine Art, wood burning, pyrography
GetzJames GetzWood, handturned wooden items
GibbsNancy GibbsJuriedjuriedFiber, folk art dolls, Santas, needlework
Yellow Breeches
GibersonPhyllis GibersonJuriedjuriedMixed Media, primitive folk art
GilbertDeborah GilbertPhotography, hand-colored, film-based photography
GilesSharon GilesJuriedjuriedFiber, handwoven, handknit , felted clothing & accessories
GillenCourtney GillenJewelry, silver, sea glass, pearls & etched glass
GilpinJohn GilpinJuriedjuriedWood, grain painted picture frames
Paper, calligraphy
GilpinSandra GilpinJuriedjuriedPaper, painted scherenschnitte
Assorted, grain painted picture frames
GilsonDavid GilsonWood, hand crafted cigar box guitars
GingrichCarol GingrichMixed Media, handmade milk soaps & bath products
GinzburgLara GinzburgJewelry, traditional and contemporary metalsmithing and enameling
GivlerPam GivlerWood, wood intarsia mounted on slate or slab
GlasserDave GlasserGlass, Custom stained glass and restoration
GlatfelterLibby GlatfelterJewelry, beaded, stone & sterling
GlebeRobert GlebeJuriedjuriedMetal, vessels, wall art
GlebeWesley GlebeJewelry, titanium jewelry
GoellerKaren GoellerJewelry, cast silicone, metals and woven chains
Metal, home decor
Gold IIScott Gold IIJuriedjuriedWood, hand hewn wood bowls
GoldbeckChristine GoldbeckJuriedjuriedPhotography, fine art photography
Fine Art, mixed media painting
GoldbergMarc GoldbergWood, woodturner
GoldhahnRena GoldhahnJuriedjuriedFiber, wool spun into yarn
GoldsteinManya GoldsteinMixed Media, modern artifacts and bubbe meises
GolombMark GolombMetal, wire bonsai trees
Fine Art, oil painting
GoodGinny GoodAssorted, handpainted beeswax ornaments & folk art
GordleyLillian GordleyJewelry, jeweler, metalsmith
GordonLynne GordonJuriedjuriedAssorted, cut & pierced lampshades
GortLinda GortFiber, layered pieces with paint and quilting
GoughnourJudith GoughnourFiber, fiber art
GrabmanMarie-Helene GrabmanJuriedjuriedPaper, scherenschnitte
Jewelry as Adj
GradyMichele GradyJewelry, sterling silver w/semiprecious stones & pearls
GrantSusan GrantFiber, wearable art and silk paintings
GraverRichard GraverJuriedjuriedMetal, 18th & 19th century pewter reproductions
GrecianPaul GrecianJuriedjuriedPhotography, nature, travel, art
GreenLisa GreenFiber
GreeneGary GreeneFine Art
GreenheckRyan GreenheckClay
GreenwoodWilliam GreenwoodJuriedjuriedJewelry, lost wax, cast by artist
GriesserLiz GriesserMixed Media, painted & fabric floorcloths
Fine Art, painting
GriffithGayle GriffithMixed Media, fabric & clay art dolls
GriffithJeremy GriffithGlass, hand-blown glass
GriffithsMeryl GriffithsJuriedjuriedAssorted, fraktur
GrimmAnthony GrimmWood, wood carving - birds, santas
GrimmSusan GrimmWood, wood carving - birds, santas
GrossBarry GrossWood, handmade custom wood & acrylic pens
GrossmanPatrice GrossmanJuriedjuriedFiber, tatted lace
GruppoLucille GruppoJuriedjuriedFiber, cloth dolls
GuarneraJohn GuarneraJuriedjuriedClay
GudeonKarla GudeonPaper, handmade paper, hand-pulled engraving/ watercolor
HaagElaine HaagFiber, handknit, felted handbags, nuno felted scarves
HaasPetra HaasJuriedjuriedFiber, theorem painting
Wood, graining
HacheyHilary HacheyJewelry, hand-fabricated sterling silver jewelry
HaileCarol HaileJuriedjuriedPaper, calligraphy
Haile JrJohn Haile JrWood, woodworking
HaismaTrisa HaismaWood, millifiori woodworking with magnets
Halaby-MooreLeslie Halaby-MooreJewelry, chain maille
HaldemanDeanna HaldemanClay, functional stoneware
HaleHetherly HaleJuriedjuriedPaper, folk-art painting w decorated frames
HalgrenKirk HalgrenWood, household objects
HalseyPatricia HalseyJuriedjuriedJewelry, silver & gold original creations
HambyJan HambyFiber, spinning, knitting, felting
HamiltonWilliam HamiltonWood, turned items, pens, bird houses
HammMark HammWood, wooden kitchen utensils & boards
Lehigh Valley
HammSteve HammWood, wooden kitchen utensils & boards
HammelHeidi HammelFiber, accessories from repurposed wool
HammondDebra HammondBasketry, contemporary & traditional
Handshaw Jr.Jack Handshaw Jr.Clay, reduction fired porcelain
HandwerkCarolyn HandwerkMetal, tinsmith
HandwerkKenneth HandwerkMetal, tinsmith
HandyAndrea HandyFiber, hand loomed knitwear
HanfordJule HanfordJewelry, clay bead and precious metal
HannumMargaret HannumJuriedjuriedFiber, traditional rug hooking
HanseSharon HanseJuriedjuriedPaper, calligraphy, wedding certificates, graphics
HanselmanBarbara HanselmanJuriedjuriedClay, functional, wearable, whimsical
Jewelry as Adj
HansonJack HansonJuriedjuriedWood, wood turning & carving
HardyGreg 'Kele' Cieniewicz HardyJuriedjuriedClay, micaceous clay lamps, cookware, vases
HarlinAnnie HarlinJuriedjuriedFiber, hand hooked rugs & art/ stuffed animals
Fiber, jointed stuffed animals
HarringtonJon HarringtonWood, fine, decorative & functional woodturning
HarrisAlan HarrisWood, writing instruments from exotic woods
HartmanMarguerite HartmanFiber, santas
Clay, santas
HartranftJacqui HartranftJuriedjuriedFiber, seat weaving
HaudeJeff HaudeJuriedjuriedWood, furniture maker
HauserPhilip HauserJuriedjuriedWood, woodturning
HayBonnie HayJuriedjuriedBasketry, native materials & coiled pine needles
HayChristopher HayClay
HayElizabeth HayJuriedjuriedJewelry, botanical silver & gemstone jewelry
Fiber, felted wool fiber
HaydenLaurie HaydenJewelry, dichroic fused glass & sterling silver
HayesRoger HayesWood, woodwork, textiles
Glass, stained glass
HaywardCheryl HaywardAssorted, Russian religious icons on wood
HaywardDan HaywardGlass, fused glass; leaded stained glass
HazenCarol Lynn HazenGlass, lamps, boxes, custom windows, hanging art
HealdJulie HealdJewelry, reiki infused gemstone
HeartyCarol HeartyLeather, inspiringly unlikely bags
HeckendornLana HeckendornJuriedjuriedClay, functional pottery
HeddenBonnie HeddenJuriedjuriedJewelry, sterling silver handcrafted jewelry
HeefnerGerry HeefnerFiber, hand weaving & spinning
HeereGloria HeereMixed Media, porcelain & glass, hand painted
HeglandDavid HeglandJuriedjuriedGlass, Functional & sculptural kiln art
HeglandPatti HeglandJuriedjuriedGlass, contemporary kiln-formed art glass
HeimAngela HeimJewelry, sterling silver & gemstone designs
Susquehanna Valley
HeislerCarol HeislerJuriedjuriedFiber, functional quilting
Yellow Breeches
HengelJanice HengelJewelry, embellished woven seed bead designs
HenneyJoseph HenneyWood, 18th century reproductions
HenriquesPatricia HenriquesJewelry, PMC, metalsmithing
HenryPaul HenryJuriedjuriedFiber, handwoven & traditional rugs & wearables
HenrySue HenryJuriedjuriedClay, functional stoneware pottery
HenschelKarl HenschelMixed Media, unique wood and acrylic pens
HensonDiaga HensonFiber, one of a kind clothing
HerbeinWilliam HerbeinWood, wood replicas: planes, boats, trains, automobiles, signs
HessKathy HessPaper, greetings, paper tole, collages
Mixed Media
Lehigh Valley
HesselberthJohn HesselberthJuriedjuriedClay, pottery
HesselberthJudith HesselberthJuriedjuriedFiber, weaving
Fiber, quilting
HetherstonCaryn HetherstonJuriedjuriedJewelry, fine metal jewelry
HettmanspergerAnn HettmanspergerJuriedjuriedClay, stoneware & porcelain
HetzneckerCatherine HetzneckerFiber, rag rugs, pillows, furniture
HewittPeter HewittJuriedjuriedPhotography, fine art landscape & travel photography
HeymanPetronella HeymanJuriedjuriedGlass
HibbenHajo HibbenJuriedjuriedMetal, copper flowers
HibbsKaren HibbsGlass, glass and mixed media artwork
Hickman-RomineMikelle Hickman-RomineJewelry, beadwork
HicksMegan HicksMixed Media, origami & trash art
Jewelry as Adj
HillGrace HillClay, functional porcelain and beaded bracelets
HinstonJames HinstonWood
HirneisenChrista HirneisenFiber, one of a kind knitted hats, scarves, cowls
Fine Art
HittnerMariellen HittnerAssorted, gourds - painted, carved, pyroengraved, basket weaving
HochLeni HochFiber, fine hand-dyed clothing & accessories
HockenbrochtGary HockenbrochtWood, cabinetmaking, lathe turning
HoferRolf HoferJuriedjuriedWood, windsor reproductions
HoffStephen HoffPhotography, creative film & digital
Fine Art
HoffmanLynne HoffmanFiber, hand dyed fabric collages
HoffmannChristel HoffmannJuriedjuriedJewelry, gold, silver, gemstones
Glass, handmade glass beads
HohensteinFrank HohensteinClay, hand turned stoneware, gas and wood fired
HohlfeldBernard HohlfeldJuriedjuriedWood, woodturning
HollenbaughConnie HollenbaughJewelry, sterling, copper
HollingsworthKristine HollingsworthJewelry, precious metal, gems, glass
HomannTom HomannClay, functional stoneware pottery, mostly wood ash glazes
HongvanthongOle HongvanthongPhotography, wet plate/tin type photography
HoranMegan HoranJuriedjuriedJewelry, off-loom bead weaving
HorganNicole HorganLeather, leather, furniture, hand painting, hand sewing, functional pieces, home decor
HornamanChris HornamanJuriedjuriedPhotography, fine art, b&w, wildlife
HornbergerDennis HornbergerWood, primitive carvings
HorrocksE. Joan HorrocksJuriedjuriedClay, ceramic sculpture
Assorted, mixed media sculpture
HorstBarbara HorstJuriedjuriedFiber, mohair & wool-felted teddy bears
HorstmannPamela HorstmannFiber, woven and felted clothing/accessories
HoskingHelen HoskingJuriedjuriedJewelry, contemporary enamel jewelry
Metal, sculpture
HosslerKeith HosslerWood, specialty boxes & unique birdhouses
HouserHarold HouserWood, carvings
HowellKaren HowellJuriedjuriedClay, porcelain tiles & mosaics
HowellsSvetlana HowellsJuriedjuriedJewelry, sterling silver nature themed jewelry using fusing, granulation and reticulation
HoytIvan HoytJuriedjuriedWood, PA German hex signs/folkart
HuddlestonPatricia HuddlestonJewelry, Russian filigree and woven wire jewelry
HuffenusJean HuffenusJewelry, expressive fine jewelry and lockets
HuntCrystal HuntPhotography, landscape photography
HunterClovis HunterFiber, porcelain dolls
HunterSteven HunterClay, thrown functional stoneware
HutchingsLouise HutchingsJuriedjuriedPaper, PA German fraktur
HuttTheresa HuttJewelry, stoneware clay & porcelain jewelry
HuttonThomas HuttonJuriedjuriedMetal, copper & brass lighting & sculpture
IafrateAngelo IafrateWood, woodturned props for musicians
Fine Art
IdrissaToure IdrissaLeather, shoes, bags, maroquinerie, arabesque, belt, wallet, furniture
ImphongNancy ImphongFiber, spin, weave, knit, crochet alpaca fiber
InderbitzinJoyce InderbitzinJuriedjuriedClay, pottery
IngersollRobert IngersollJuriedjuriedMetal, copper & brass wall sculptures
Jewelry, copper & brass jewelry
InselbagCagla InselbagGlass, fused glass, kilnformed glass
IronsNancy IronsJuriedjuriedJewelry, fabricated sterling & 14k jewelry
IrwinCindy IrwinJuriedjuriedFiber, hand-hooked rugs
IversonAmy IversonJewelry, unique torch fired enameled jewelry
JacksonJeremy JacksonJuriedjuriedMetal, cast & fabricated, kinetic
Jewelry as Adj
JamesonEdwin JamesonGlass, foiled, leaded windows, lamps, boxes
JancewiczRobert JancewiczJuriedjuriedWood, wildfowl & related wood carving
JanisonArline JanisonJewelry, beaded jewelry, beaded flowers
Print Making, printmaking
JarjourShuker Bashar JarjourClay, handmade ceramic and raku pottery
JarrettDeborah JarrettJuriedjuriedFiber, sawdust folk art
Assorted, fraktur
JarvisCraig JarvisWood, custom furniture & cabinets
JeffreysTodd JeffreysJuriedjuriedClay, stoneware
JobesJeff JobesClay, stoneware & raku
JoestFrank JoestJuriedjuriedPaper, papercutting
JohnsonAnne JohnsonFine Art, family trees, watercolors, calligraphy
JohnsonJacob JohnsonJuriedjuriedClay, functional & sculptural ceramics
JohnsonJohn JohnsonJuriedjuriedMetal, handmade knives
JohnsonKate JohnsonMixed Media, colorful handmade soap
JohnsonKathryn JohnsonJuriedjuriedAssorted, colonial (onion dyed) & faberge eggs
JonesDona JonesJewelry, torch fired copper & enamel
JonesEd "Sonny" JonesWood, artistic woodturning & carving
JonesJohn JonesGlassMixed Media
JonesJudy Connor JonesJuriedjuriedFiber, handwoven women's wearables
JonesLois JonesFiber, hand painted clothing
Fine Art
JonesSandra JonesJuriedjuriedClay, hand thrown stoneware
JonesScott JonesJuriedjuriedClay, ceramic wall plaques
JonesWilliam JonesJuriedjuriedClay, functional stoneware
JoplingHarry JoplingWood, scroll saw & wood turnings
JordanIngrid JordanJuriedjuriedClay, functional tableware & decorative interior pieces
JusticeRoger JusticeWood, bowls, hollow forms, pens, boxes, segmented
KahnSuzanne KahnWood, fine wood furniture, production & craft turner
KainLiz KainJewelry, contemporary silver & gold jewelry
KalbachWanda KalbachJewelry, sterling silver jewelry
KamerickMaureen KamerickJuriedjuriedFiber, hand-dyed, handwoven silks
KaminskiVera KaminskiMixed Media, wearable art, enamel, glass, fiber, leather
Jewelry as Adj
KamolpornwijitWiwat KamolpornwijitJewelry, polymer clay jewelry
KaneAmber KaneFiber, woven statement scarves
KaplanEmma KaplanJewelry, wire-wrap, sterling silver, 14k gold
KaplanLeslie KaplanGlass, flame-worked glass
KaplanLori KaplanJewelry, semi-precious
KaraJohn KaraWood, laminated wood band saw cut
KatzBarbara KatzJewelry, beaded
KauffmanTrudy KauffmanJuriedjuriedPaper, scherenschnitte
KeckErin KeckMetal, steampunk clocks & copper journals
KeckLinda KeckClay, handbuilt sculptural & functional items
KeeferSue KeeferJuriedjuriedPaper, sculptured papercutting
Fiber, stenciling
KeemerJessica KeemerJuriedjuriedJewelry, precious metal, enameling
Glass, lampworking
KeenerDonna KeenerJuriedjuriedGlass, kiln fired glass jewelry
Jewelry, fused glass
KeenerGerry KeenerJuriedjuriedGlass, kiln fired glass jewelry
Jewelry, fused glass
KellerCharlene KellerJewelry, sterling silver jewelry
KellerJeremy KellerClay, botanical stoneware ceramic tile, vessels
KellyAlice KellyFiber, cut and torn paper botanicals and landscapes
KellyCeleste KellyMixed Media, mosaic for home & garden
KellyElizabeth KellyJuriedjuriedFiber, discharge method on indigo denim
KellyMadeleine KellyFine Art, painting all mediums
KellyNate KellyWood, wine barrel furniture and accessories
KelseyAmy KelseyJewelry, chain maille, seed beads, stones
Kendikian-SarkessianMonique Kendikian-SarkessianFine Art, painter, salvaged metal sculpture
KennedyAlan KennedyMixed Media, decoupage applied to glass vessels
KennedyDiane KennedyJuriedjuriedBasketry, round reed basketry
KensingerDon KensingerMixed Media
KentSuzanne KentJuriedjuriedClay, stoneware pottery
Fiber, shibori dyeing
KerperJennifer KerperJewelry, contemporary
KerzicDuane KerzicPhotography, fine art photography
KeyesFiona KeyesJuriedjuriedPhotography, digital photography
Jewelry as Adj
KhodadoostBahereh KhodadoostJuriedjuriedClay, original hand carved clay art
KidsonHeather KidsonFiber, hand painted silk wearables
KielSr. Regina KielJuriedjuriedJewelry, precious metal/gold & silver
Metal, sculpture w/ brass & bronze
Kiley-RothwellTara Kiley-RothwellFiber, handwoven accessories
KilmartinJacqueline KilmartinFiber, sustainable heirloom-quality textiles
KinderElizabeth KinderClay, functional tableware, lamps, vases, belts
KingGary KingWood, furniture, boxes, pens
KingHeather KingWood, sustainable & functional woodworking
King-ShanahanSally King-ShanahanMixed Media, folk art including tole painting, theorems and baskets
KingmanHolly KingmanFiber, needle felted animal sculpture
Fine Art
KirchhoffMary Ann KirchhoffJuriedjuriedFiber, spinning, weaving from angora goats
KiserWayne KiserPhotography
KlarBarbara KlarJuriedjuriedJewelry, jewelry & tabletop art
KlaymanMyra KlaymanGlass, warm glass, fusing, flamework, jewelry
Jewelry as Adj
KleinKristopher KleinWood, furniture with traditional woodworking and joinery techniques
KlineEugene KlineJuriedjuriedMetal, copper, tin
KlineMarjory R. KlineClay, functional pottery
KlinedinstLlewellyn KlinedinstWood, nantucket lightship baskets; anything wood
KlingenbergGrete KlingenbergJewelry, one of a kind jewelry
Fiber, creative knitting
KneelandLinda KneelandFine Art, botanical art
Mixed Media
KnellerDavid KnellerWood, woodturning
KnightTimothy KnightJuriedjuriedClay, wheelthrown pottery
Yellow Breeches
KohlerDoris KohlerAssorted, decorative painting
KohlerJulie KohlerJuriedjuriedPaper, fraktur
KolodnySteven KolodnyJewelry, 18 kt gold hammer raised, hollow formed and fabricated
KoppelSharon KoppelFiber, contemporary art wall quilts
KostivalKimberly KostivalAssorted, pysanky-Ukrainian eggs
KownackyMichael KownackyPaper, calligraphy
KozelJoseph KozelJuriedjuriedJewelry, contemporary jewelry
KoziupaDiana KoziupaJewelry, fused & cast glass jewelry
KramerDeborah KramerGlass, stained glass
KramerRose Ann KramerJuriedjuriedFiber, handmade wool felt
Fine Art
Kramer-HeverlyJanice Kramer-HeverlyClay, functional stoneware
Glass, stained glass, whimsical & functional
KrantzBill KrantzJuriedjuriedGlass
KrauseSierra KrauseFiber, hand printed women's clothing
KreiderDavid KreiderFine Art, pyrogravure coloree & digital art
KriderJerry KriderWood, exotic wood puzzles, sculpture
KutzDennis KutzWood, turning
KyleCarole KyleFiber, tapestry, wool & brocade handbags & totes
LaBellaBlair LaBellaJewelry, bezel set beach stones
LaceyLorelei LaceyGlass, fused kiln formed glass
LacyJoyce LacyJuriedjuriedFiber, one of a kind purses
LaFateEunice LaFateFine Art
LagoDan LagoWood, carved bowls, sculptures, accessories in PA hardwoods
LahrNorene LahrGlass, etched & carved glass & mirrors
LamberthClaire LamberthJewelry, sterling, pearls, gemstones, fused glass
LamprinakosDeborah LamprinakosClay, handbuilt stoneware, porcelain, mosaics, fiber
LandrithMelanie LandrithClay, oil painting and ceramic
Fine Art
LapeFrances LapeJewelry, beaded jewelry for children & adults
LatshaDebra LatshaJuriedjuriedClay, handbuilt clay
LattaStephen LattaJuriedjuriedWood, furniture
LaudenslagerTom LaudenslagerJuriedjuriedClay, trays, vases & viewing boxes
LaughlinGail LaughlinClay, functional pottery
LavorgneMaureen LavorgneFiber, whimsical woolen art, wool wrapped designs
LawMary LawMetal, silversmithing
LawleyFrank LawleyWood, outdoor furniture
LawrenceJack LawrenceJuriedjuriedGlass, stained glass artist
LawsonJim LawsonPhotography, jewelry & landscapes
Layton-GimbelPerrie Layton-GimbelMixed Media, sculptural polymer clay
LeBlancSusan LeBlancJewelry, chain maille jewelry
LeeMaggie LeeJuriedjuriedJewelry, contemporary precious gems & metal
LeeRonald LeeWood, kaleidescopes
LefeverLarry LefeverJuriedjuriedPhotography, fine art photography
LehmanJean LehmanJuriedjuriedClay
LehmanKalpana LehmanGlass, artisan soaps and lampwork jewewlry
LehmanKevin LehmanJuriedjuriedClay, functional, sculptural & architectural ceramics
LehmanSylvia LehmanJuriedjuriedBasketry, original contemporary baskets
Paper, handmade paper constructions
LehrBeverlee LehrJuriedjuriedClay, 3D stoneware ceramic wall hangings
LehrJennifer LehrMixed Media, hand painted floorcloths
LeibJoanne LeibJuriedjuriedGlass, stained glass; stained glass jewelry
LeiphartDonna LeiphartFiber, dolls, quilting
LemmenNoell LemmenJuriedjuriedJewelry, anodized metal jewelry & kids room designs
Clay, mixed media sculptural vessels
LenelCaroline LenelJewelry, sterling & fine silver, textured, soldered & fused
LenknerBonnie LenknerFiber, quilting, penny rugs, crochet, knitting
Assorted, stained glass, theorem painting
Yellow Breeches
LentMargaret LentFiber, handwoven garments & accessories
LernerSandra LernerJuriedjuriedFiber, clothing accessories, small wall pieces
Photography, architectural, whimsy & landscape, botanical
LessJames LessJuriedjuriedWood, custom furniture & cabinetry
LesterShawn LesterJuriedjuriedJewelry, silver and glass
LevierAmy LevierPhotography, letter photo art
LevineBeth LevineLeather, leather wearable accessories
LevineEmily Squires LevineJuriedjuriedClay, polymer clay vessels
LewandowskiSandra LewandowskiJuriedjuriedJewelry, 14k gold & sterling
LewisDavid LewisJuriedjuriedBasketry, traditional split oak
LewisPaula LewisJuriedjuriedAssorted, vitreous enamel on copper
LeyenbergerFran LeyenbergerClay, raku & stoneware combined w vintage metals
LichtyJill LichtyMixed Media, paper, lettering, book binding
LiddleKathleen LiddleJuriedjuriedFiber, spinning, weaving, knitting, quilting
Fiber, sculpted dolls
LightAnn LightJuriedjuriedMixed Media, gourd masks, ethnic & contemporary
LikenPaula LikenJewelry, christmas tree designs using vintage jewelry
Mixed Media
LimChong LimJuriedjuriedPaper, embossed & handmade w watercolor painting
LindstromMichael LindstromJuriedjuriedWood, period & custom furniture
LinquistKimberly LinquistGlass
LipenskyJeanette LipenskyGlass, glass jewelry
LittleDolores LittleJuriedjuriedFiber, handweaver
LittleRoberta LittleJuriedjuriedJewelry, journal jewelry necklaces
LivroneMaria LivroneJuriedjuriedGlass, kiln formed glass
LloydAmanda LloydJewelry, enamel jewelry
Lloyd-ThompsonMegan Lloyd-ThompsonFiber, handspun yarn and spindles
Assorted, handmade paper
LoBaidoCarmen LoBaidoGlass, stained glass mosaics
Mixed Media
LocklearTara LocklearJewelry, recycled skateboard and various hardwood jewelry
LoefflerLauren LoefflerFiber, felted handbags embellished w/ needle felting
LombardBill LombardJuriedjuriedJewelry, precious metal
LombardMargie LombardJuriedjuriedJewelry, hand fabricated w/ precious metals, stones
LondonCara LondonFine Art, paint on silk and canvas
LongDaniel LongMixed Media, traditionally sculpted, molded chalk figures
Fine Art, antique chalkware reproduction
LongStephanie LongJuriedjuriedJewelry, goldsmith, silversmith
Drawing, pen and ink, color
LoriaAntonio LoriaJuriedjuriedMixed Media, wood w stained glass inlay
LorweyBonnie LorweyMixed Media, decorative and fine art painting
LouisLogan LouisJewelry, natural specimens cast in silver
LovitzSandi Neiman LovitzFine Art, abstract painting
LoweryRobert LoweryPhotography, landscape, nature
LukeValerie LukeFiber, mittens from recycled wool sweaters
LukoffEstelle LukoffJewelry, eclectic embellished antique brass beaded
LurieMarianne LurieJuriedjuriedMixed Media, pysanky eggs & eggshell jewelry
Jewelry as Adj, eggshell pysanky jewelry
LutzLinda LutzBasketryFiber, penny rugs
LutzShari LutzJuriedjuriedFiber, cloth & clay figures
LynchWilliam LynchJuriedjuriedClay, gas, wood fired stoneware, porcelain
LynhamAdele LynhamFine Art, frakturs, original watercolors, pen & ink
LyonsJason LyonsJuriedjuriedMetal, found object sculpture
MackoMiriam MackoJewelry, granulation, filigree, cloisonne, enameling, chain making
MahoneyPatricia MahoneyClay, functional & nonfunctional porcelain, stoneware & Raku
Mixed Media
ManlyRoberta ManlyJewelry
MansardIris Mansardfiber, raincoats
MarchJody MarchJewelry, torched industrial wabi-sabi style
MarcuseJoanna MarcuseJewelry, handcrafted precious metal clay jewelry
Fine Art
MardenJudith MardenAssorted
MardenMelvin MardenAssorted
MardisBonnie MardisClay, handmade pottery
MarianoBrian MarianoJewelry, wire-sculpted jewelry
MarianoFrank MarianoClay, sculptural & handbuilt clay
MarkiewiczGail MarkiewiczClay, handbuilt, textured patchwork vessels
MarksBecky MarksGlass, fused serving and display pieces
MarksJon MarksWood, carved old world santas, folk art
MarschkaDouglas MarschkaWood, wooden cutting boards, bowls, utensils
Mixed Media
MarshallClare MarshallJuriedjuriedJewelry, cast & fabricated gold & silver bracelets
MarshallPatricia MarshallJuriedjuriedClay, hand built clay sculpture
Mixed Media, painting w collage, emphasis animals
MartinJason MartinJuriedjuriedWood, carving, turning, artistic problem solving
MartinKachina MartinJuriedjuriedFiber, wearable fiber
Mixed Media
MartinSusie MartinClay, sculptural & functional stoneware & raku
MartinZhanna MartinClay
Martin-AylamJanet Martin-AylamClay, sculptural & functional ceramics
MartinoMary Jo MartinoJewelry, jewelry and oil painting
Fine Art
MartofelA.W. MartofelMetal, garden & home art
Yellow Breeches
MartzValerie MartzJuriedjuriedPaper, 3D paper art
Mixed Media, pysanky - Ukranian folk art eggs
MatsonSusan MatsonBasketry, traditional forms & contemporary art pieces
MatyjaszekScott MatyjaszekMixed Media, handcut and layered 3-d photography
MatzTeddi MatzJuriedjuriedPaper, fraktur & folkart painting
MaurerBridget MaurerWood, functional & decorative
MaurerDiane MaurerJuriedjuriedPaper, surface design on paper & fabric, collage
Jewelry as Adj
MaxwellChristopher MaxwellJewelry, silver & gold
Maxwell, Jr.Joseph Maxwell, Jr.JuriedjuriedWood, 18th century reproduction furniture
McBridePatrick McBrideWood, woodturning - bowls & hollow forms
McBryarHeather McBryarJewelry, seed bead & semi-precious stone
McCaffreyBrian McCaffreyPhotography, photography fired on ceramics/ porcelain
Mixed Media
McClimansDaryl McClimansWood, artfully lathe-turned wood heirlooms
McClurgScott McClurgJuriedjuriedMixed MediaPhotography, abstract expressionist
McCulloughJoyce McCulloughWood, wildlife woodcarver & turnings
Mixed Media
McFaddenAndrea McFaddenClay, functional & sculptural clay objects
Mixed Media
McGarveyCarol McGarveyJewelry, gemstones, crystals & hand beadwork
McGearyGay McGearyJuriedjuriedFiber, coverlet weaving
McGillanDoris McGillanJuriedjuriedAssorted, ethnic heritage dolls/ decorative sculpture, soft sculptures
McGovernJane McGovernClay, animals, tiles, bowls, vases etc
Fine Art
McGraneJudith McGraneMixed Media, reverse-decoupage decorative glassware
McGrawBarbara McGrawPaper, handmade paper, handbound books
McIntyreMichael McIntyreJuriedjuriedClay, functional stoneware
McKayLynn McKayFiber, handweaving, English hand smocking
McKeeAngela McKeeGlass
McKeeRuth McKeeJuriedjuriedBasketry, rattan baskets w homemade black walnut stain
McKennaAngela McKennaJewelry, sterling silver
McLaughlinDianne McLaughlinJewelry, wire wrapped sea glass & gemstones
McLaughlinRobert McLaughlinPhotography, photography of Italy
MeadowsSara MeadowsJuriedjuriedClay, handbuilt stoneware sculpture
MeckleyRobert MeckleyMetal, framed copper impressions
MehaffeyLouise MehaffeyJuriedjuriedGlass, stained glass, glass fusing & sandblasted glass
Glass, lampworked glass beads
MeierSusan MeierJewelry, freshwater pearls, mixed media, semi precious stones
MelnickDana MelnickJewelry, 18 k Gold Jewelry
MentzerBarry MentzerMetal, blacksmith and broom maker
MerkelSharon MerkelJuriedjuriedPhotography, photography
Mixed Media, mixed media prints
MerzattaDanielle MerzattaJewelry, organic carvings
MeyerRodney MeyerJuriedjuriedClay, stoneware & raku
MeyersPat MeyersClay, functional stoneware and porcelain
MichaelPeach MichaelFiber, crocheted fashion hats
Susquehanna Valley
MichaelsFran MichaelsMetal, bronze belt buckles
MicheelsLisa MicheelsFiber, hand-painted & dyed clothing
MichlinJoan MichlinJewelry, fine art jewelry
MigliariniCheryl MigliariniFiber, tapestry weaving
Mixed Media
MikkelsenJim MikkelsenJuriedjuriedWood, abstract sculptures & vessels
MiljusCarol MiljusJuriedjuriedFiber, whimsical painted soft sculpture dolls
MillerBrenda MillerPaper, scherenshnitte - German paper cutting
MillerChristine MillerJewelry, silver, metal, bronze & pmc
Metal, pmc
MillerClare MillerWood, textural etchings on reclaimed wood
MillerEileen MillerAssorted, illustration & greeting cards, paper dolls
Fine Art, painting, illustration
MillerJack MillerPhotography, iconic American imagery
MillerJessica MillerFine Art, painting, pastel, mixed media
MillerJoli MillerJuriedjuriedPaper, scherenschnitte art & ornaments
MillerMarie MillerFiber, fabric handbags and accessories
MillerSandra MillerFiber
MillerTessa MillerJewelry, wire wrapped gemstone and hand stamped metal
MillnerErica MillnerJewelry, wood jewelry
MillsClaudia MillsFiber, handwoven contemporary rag rugs
MillsLenore MillsJuriedjuriedFiber, paintings in batik
MinnickJoanne MinnickMetal, welded and brazed furniture, sculpture, wall and garden art
MirsepassiFeree MirsepassiJewelry, jewelry, polymer clay, and gemstones
MittelmanAyelet MittelmanJewelry, hand made precious and semi-precious wire wrapped jewelry
MlynarskiKatherine MlynarskiGlass, expressions in glass
MocahbeeMarti MocahbeeClay, wheel thrown, decorative red clay
MolnerAlexandra MolnerJuriedjuriedLeather, marlingspike knotting jewelry
Jewelry, marlingspike knotting
MondsheinSeymour MondsheinJuriedjuriedLeather, leather bags, backpacks, accessories
MonsonPauline MonsonAssorted, handmade custom women's hats
MontellaJeri MontellaJuriedjuriedFiber, unique handcrafted tapestry bags
MontgomeryDavid MontgomeryMixed Media, small theaters
MorahanPage MorahanPhotography, greeting cards & inspirational photographs
MoranDouglas MoranWood, antique style furniture
Yellow Breeches
MoranElaine MoranMetal, enamel, repousse'
Yellow Breeches
MoranMaggie MoranFiber, fiber, folk art dolls and landscape quillts
Mixed Media
MorganDelano MorganJuriedjuriedPhotography, fine art photography
Reading-BerksBucks County
MorrellJoAnn MorrellJuriedjuriedFiber, appliqued knit clothing
MorrisGeorge MorrisWood
MorrisRobin MorrisJuriedjuriedClay, functional porcelain & white stoneware
MorrisonKenneth MorrisonFiber, new technique hand woven crafts
MorrisonMarilyn MorrisonClay
MorseSharon MorseJewelry
MoserBeth MoserJewelry, seed bead artistry
MoserWilhelm MoserClay, functional stoneware
MowrerVictoria MowrerMixed MediaPhotography
MoyerJune MoyerAssorted, framed artwork made from pressed flowers
MoyerSamuel MoyerJuriedjuriedFiber, handcrafted brooms
Wood, wooden broom handles
MuehlingWilliam MuehlingJuriedjuriedBasketry, traditional basket weaving
Wood, carving
MuirDiana MuirClay, sculpture
MulhollenCindy MulhollenJuriedjuriedJewelry, precious metals, gemstones
MullarkeyJeanette MullarkeyJuriedjuriedJewelry, 18k gold, sterling & precious stone
MullerAlexis MullerJewelry, beadworking, beadweaving
Fine Art, painting; gouache, acrylic on paper and wood boxes
MullerLisa MullerJuriedjuriedClay, earthenware ceramic tile & objects
MummaKathy MummaMixed Media, handcrafted soap and bath
MunnellyMireille MunnellyMixed Media, contemporary pressed botanicals/ornamental grasses
MurphyJamie MurphyLeather, exclusively handmade leather bags
MurphyStephanie MurphyGlass, mosaic and fused glass
Mixed Media
MurrayChris MurrayJuriedjuriedWood, detailed bird sculpture
MurrayToni MurrayClay, hand built, thrown & functional
MusselmanEileen MusselmanJuriedjuriedBasketry, handwoven baskets
MyersKaren MyersJewelry, mixed media, precious metals
Paper, papier mache
MyersPeggy MyersGlass, stained glass
NaddeoSusan NaddeoGlass, hand painted glass ornaments
Clay, functional stoneware
NadolskiStephanie NadolskiFine Art, mixed media painting, print making
NalbandianNancy NalbandianJewelry, freshwater pearls & semi precious stones
NalboneTeri NalboneFiber, hand dyed art quilts
NardyMary Beth NardyJewelry, metalsmithing, wire wrapping, chain maille
NealeyJoanna NealeyJuriedjuriedJewelry, enameled & sterling silver jewelry
NeffKathy NeffJuriedjuriedBasketry, baskets
NelridgeRichard NelridgeJuriedjuriedPhotography, fine art, nature, landscape, wild lilfe
NelsonJeanne NelsonJuriedjuriedLeather, shearling footwear, headwear
Fiber, loom knitting
NelsonJoan NelsonJewelry, hand-forged silver jewelry, natural stone
NelsonLisa NelsonFine Art, folk artist paintings
NelsonMark NelsonJewelry
Neszmelyi-RomanoAdrienne Neszmelyi-RomanoJuriedjuriedJewelry, handcrafted silver & mixed media
NeugebauerJudith NeugebauerJewelry, sterling, 23k gold leaf, fabricated
NevinClifford NevinJuriedjuriedPaper, stained cut painted paper
NewhardAshley NewhardJewelry, glass bead weaving & wire
NewhouseRae NewhouseFiber, fiber, weaving and spinning
NewmanCaryn NewmanClay, functional stoneware & porcelain
NewquistSusan NewquistJewelry, horse tail & porcupine jewelry
NicholsBob NicholsGlass, stained glass
NicholsCarol NicholsJuriedjuriedJewelry, silver
NippertRichard NippertClay, decorative and functional handmade pottery
NissleyKenneth NissleyWood, small items, cupboard & furniture
NobleRebecca NobleJuriedjuriedFiber, handweaving, wearable art
NoiseuxDebbie NoiseuxJewelry, metal jewelry set with semi precious stones
NolleyPhillip NolleyGlass, hand blown glass
NorthJ. Robert NorthMetal, tinsmith, replicate, repair, custom & instruction
NotoJoseph NotoJuriedjuriedWood, wood carvings using different wood
NowakJackie NowakAssorted, decorative painting on wood & tin
NowersElizabeth NowersJuriedjuriedJewelry, contemporary sterling & gold jewelry
NugentDavid NugentJuriedjuriedJewelry, fine jewelry
O'BrienRoxan O'BrienJuriedjuriedJewelry, beadweaving, precious metals, wearable art
O'GradyMichael O'GradyWood, turned wood peppermills, bowls, culinary products, pens
Mixed Media
O'HanlonSusan O'HanlonClay, handmade functional and decorative pottery
O'KeefeDeborah O'KeefeJuriedjuriedFiber, wall hangings & fabric items
Fiber, paper quilts
O'NeillCarol O'NeillMixed Media, dried floral designs on abstract paintings; acrylic watercolor paintings
OdaKathy OdaGlass, monoprinted layered fused glass shards
OharaKatherine OharaGlass, stained glass mobiles
OhlingernNate OhlingernWood
OldenburgGloria OldenburgJuriedjuriedFiber, handweaving
OwensCaroline OwensFiber, woven paper tapestries
Fine Art
OwensMarilyn OwensAssorted, calligraphy, reverse painting on glass
Fiber, quilting
OxenfordPatricia OxenfordJuriedjuriedAssorted, tole & decorative painting
OxenfordRaymond OxenfordJuriedjuriedMetalWood
Oye-BenintendeJoni Oye-BenintendeJuriedjuriedClay, pottery, sculpture, raku
PacchioliMavis PacchioliJuriedjuriedFiber, handweaving
PagdenJody PagdenClay, sgraffito redware
PalisocElizabeth PalisocJuriedjuriedGlass, stained glass boxes, windows & gift items
Jewelry as Adj, jewelry in glass
PalmerTerri PalmerMixed Media, hand painted signs
Paniora SalinasCoco Paniora SalinasJuriedjuriedJewelry, macrame fiber jewelry
PaoliniJack PaoliniJuriedjuriedPhotography, hand printed & toned silver prints
PapatheodorePatty PapatheodoreFiber, mixed media fiber artist
ParadisLisa ParadisFine Art, hand painted sea glass on linen canvas
ParkJennifer ParkJuriedjuriedJewelry, enamel with precious metals
ParnesSusan ParnesJuriedjuriedJewelry
PatakyElaine PatakyJewelry, cold-connection wire & gemstone
PattersonLee PattersonJuriedjuriedClay
PattersonMichael PattersonJuriedjuriedMetal, welded steel sculptures & tools
PatzerRobert PatzerClay, wheel thrown pottery & instruction
PearlmanIlene PearlmanMixed Media, pictorial art quilts
PearsonCurt PearsonClay, PA redware
PeeteAizemore PeeteFiber, traditional quilts
PeifferKaren PeifferClay, functional stoneware & redware
PeisingerBrenda PeisingerJewelry, copper, mixed metals, silver
PeitzmanPamela PeitzmanFine Art, portraits in acrylic & oil, impressionistic, tribal
Jewelry as Adj
PembrokeGene PembrokePhotography, photographs from around the world
PencheffGregory PencheffWood, woodturning
Chester CountyYellow Breeches
PennockChristine PennockPaper, PA German Fraktur
PerezValerie PerezJewelry, sterling silver & 14k
PerkinsRebekah PerkinsFiber, knitting, crocheting, handspun yarn, dyeing
PerriTonya PerriJewelry, hand painted & sculpted porcelain beading
PerryJames PerryLeather, backpacks, briefcases, luggage
PerryMonique PerryJuriedjuriedJewelry, sterling silver, PMC, semi-precious gemstones
PerusichLori PerusichFiber, hand knit accessories
PetersRonnee PetersGlass, stained glass
PetersonCourtney PetersonJuriedjuriedJewelry, precious metal
PetersonLee PetersonJuriedjuriedJewelry, precious metal
PetneyJean PetneyGlass, repurpose vintage glass to yard art
PetroskyJeanne PetroskyJuriedjuriedPaper, acrylic painting on handmade paper
PetzkoJanell PetzkoClay, hand built pottery and ceramic jewelry
PfaffTrish PfaffJewelry, jewelry - silver, gold and watercolor paintings
PfeufferAnita PfeufferPaper, paper cuttings, scherenschnitte
PhillipsPamela PhillipsMixed Media, mixed media gifts and decor
Pickett-LewisAlice Pickett-LewisJuriedjuriedFiber, wall hangings & fiber art
PierceSoli PierceMixed Media, hand turned painted maple wood bowl
PilgerTamara PilgerGlass, stained glass panels, sun catchers, keepsake boxes, gift items
PlattThomas PlattWood, turner - pens, boxes
PoirierValerie PoirierJuriedjuriedBasketry
PolonskyAnna PolonskyJuriedjuriedFiber, linen, silk, cashmere & wool clothing
PopeJenny PopePrint Making, Reduction woodcuts and illustrated ceramics
PopovitsDahlia PopovitsFiber
PounderMarilyn PounderJewelry, polymer clay
Jewelry, seed beadwork
PowersCarolyn PowersJuriedjuriedFiber, hand-embroidered textiles
Mixed Media
PranckunaiteRasa PranckunaiteMixed Media, photography-based mixed media
PrattNancy PrattClay, functional pottery
PredigerCynthia PredigerJewelry, sterling jewelry and handcrafted chains
PritschRalph PritschJuriedjuriedWood, wood carver
Print Making, printmaking
ProvinceJill ProvincePaper, paper sculpture and mixed media collage
Mixed Media
PyleEllen PyleFiber, weaving
PyleMichael PyleJuriedjuriedPhotography, landscape/wildlife photography
QuateJudith Quate
QuattrocchiMichele QuattrocchiGlass, fused glass
Mixed Media, metal clay, mixed media jewelry
QuattrociocchiMichael QuattrociocchiWood, natural wood figure functional designs
QuesadaJoseph QuesadaJuriedjuriedWood, turned wooden vessels
QuigleyLois QuigleyFiber, fabric art embellished w/ stitches & mixed media
RandolphDeborah RandolphJuriedjuriedClay, raku, carved porcelain, redware, etc.
RasmussenTed RasmussenJuriedjuriedWood, cabinetry, turning
Paper, calligraphy
RaveseMary Louise RavesePhotography, fine art, nature, travel, creative
RaymondKara RaymondJewelry, contemporary fine jewelry
Mixed Media
RaynerBrian RaynerWood
ReadWalter ReadWood, furniture w sculptural lines
ReberLisa ReberFiber, quilts & art cloths
ReedPat Reed
ReesKevin ReesWood, handcrafted treenwork
ReesorDoug ReesorWood, segmented wood turning
ReichLesley ReichClay, thrown functional porcelain & hand-lettered sayings
ReicheAmanda ReicheWood, furniture and accessories
ReichePaul ReicheWood, furniture
ReichertJ.J. Reichertfiber, wearable fiber handbags
ReichertTracey ReichertBasketry, woven baskets with natural fibers
ReidHeather ReidFiber, women's clothing- hemp, cotton, wool
ReimerMichael ReimerJuriedjuriedPrint Making, gyotaku - Japanese fish printing
ReinfriedKim ReinfriedJewelryMetal
ReisDebra ReisBasketry, Nantucket style
ReisRick ReisWood, clocks, frames, desk accessories
Jewelry, wood, rock, metal
ReiverMarcia ReiverJuriedjuriedClay, raku fired decorative
RenoJames RenoJuriedjuriedClay, porcelain pottery w brushwork
RenoPriscilla RenoJuriedjuriedClay, functional porcelain pottery
RenoSue RenoJuriedjuriedFiber, studio art quilts
RepholzCathleen RepholzClay, functional & decorative stoneware pottery
ReshetarJohn ReshetarWood, benches & boxes
ResnickAlan ResnickFiber, woolen outerwear & accessories
Mixed Media
ReyesColleen ReyesMixed Media, natural butterfly designs
ReynoldsPat ReynoldsJuriedjuriedJewelry, beads, bead embroidery
RheeMea RheeJuriedjuriedClay, functional pottery; modern & rustic
RhineAnn RhineGlassJewelry as Adj
RhodesJoan RhodesJewelry, silver & copper
RichardsSabra RichardsMetal, steel and glass tables and wall pieces
RicheyBob RicheyJuriedjuriedFine Art, original pastel landscapes
RickardRobert RickardMetal, textured metal
RidgwayLelia RidgwayJuriedjuriedFiber, original, custom, hand dyed hooked rugs
RileyBarri RileyPhotographyFine Art, photography w acrylic paint
RitenutiJanice RitenutiMetal, copper enameling
RitterRebekah RitterFiber, gallery, studios & boutique for fiber artists
RobbinsMark RobbinsJuriedjuriedWood, woodturning
RobertsMarilyn RobertsGlass, suncatchers, panels, whirls, recycled bottles
Roberts-SheaMarthe Ann Roberts-SheaJewelry, one-of-a-kind silver & gold
RobinsonLora RobinsonJuriedjuriedWood, 18th century furniture & accessories
RobinsonRichard RobinsonWood, jewelry chests
Robinson IIIWilliam Robinson IIIJuriedjuriedWood, 18th century furniture & accessories
Robinson-LawrenceJeri Robinson-LawrenceFiber, knitting, dyeing, felting
RobsonJohn RobsonJuriedjuriedWood, furniture & accessories
RogalskiLeslie RogalskiJewelry, beadwork
RollinLucinda RollinJewelry, precious metal, glass porcelain
RomanoCara RomanoJewelry, textile metal jewelry
RomanoGina RomanoJewelry, sterling silver & 14 k gold gemoetric
RosenbarkerCarol RosenbarkerJuriedjuriedLeather, bags, accessories, briefcases, custom work
RosenbarkerClay RosenbarkerJuriedjuriedLeather, bags, accessories, briefcases, custom work
RosenbergElena RosenbergFiber, hand-knit fashion accesories & clothing
RosenfeldJack RosenfeldBasketry, Shaker & Nantucket baskets
Jewelry, basket jewelry
RosenthalMaxine RosenthalJuriedjuriedJewelry, contemporary precious metal
RothermelCarol RothermelJuriedjuriedFiber, quilted wall hangings
RottmundStacey RottmundJewelry, sterling silver, found objects, polymer clay
RousekBekka RousekJuriedjuriedFiber, decorations made of wheat, weaving
RovitoBecky RovitoJewelry, silver wire jewelry
RudoyShekina RudoyJuriedjuriedFiber, hand painted silk wearables
RuizAgustin RuizFiber, handcrafted tapestry bags & vests
RuntAndi RuntJuriedjuriedClay, functional stoneware w impressed decoration
SabolLisa SabolGlass, fused & kiln formed glass
SaccoNancy SaccoJewelry, silver & gemstone jewelry
Yellow Breeches
SacksKaren SacksClay
SacksShirley SacksJuriedjuriedFiber, needle art
SaengerPeter SaengerJuriedjuriedClay, cast porcelain & stoneware
Salamoni Jr.Amedeo Salamoni Jr.JuriedjuriedClay, wood fired stoneware
SaleySoumana SaleyLeather, custom made leather handbags
SalksDavis SalksClay, small redware pottery
SallavantiAnthony SallavantiGlass, stained glass
SallavantiSusan SallavantiGlass, glass mosaic and textile quilting
Sallavanti, Ph.D.Robert Sallavanti, Ph.D.Glass, stained glass lamps, windows
SalmonDouglas SalmonJuriedjuriedJewelry, brass & copper jewelry
San PietroGary San PietroJuriedjuriedPhotography, limited edition color photographs
SanfilippoMichael SanfilippoGlass, mission style lamps
SardisSondra SardisFiber, original, stylish clothing for women
SavoyBruce SavoyWood, useful wood carvings, relief scenery
SavrdaTomas SavrdaMixed Media, assemblage, found & kinetic objects
SawiresLian SawiresJuriedjuriedFiber, silk painting, shibori, handbag and clothing design
ScavoArmond ScavoJuriedjuriedPhotography, fine art photographs
SchachterRuth SchachterClay, whimsical, spirited & organic forms
SchadlerFlorence SchadlerMixed Media, 2d & 3d creations with whimsy
SchaefferH. Allen SchaefferMetal, decorative & functional handwrought ironwork
SchafferFrank SchafferJuriedjuriedJewelry, fine jewelry, gem-cutting
ScheffelBernard ScheffelMetal, mobile
Mixed Media
ScheirerWilliam ScheirerJuriedjuriedWood, wood carving
Assorted, dog sleds, muzzle loading guns, coopering
SchifterEsta SchifterJewelry, precious & non-precious w gems
SchlegelKimberly SchlegelPhotography
SchmitzSandra Lee SchmitzJuriedjuriedFiber, felted wool handbags
SchmoyerJanis SchmoyerJuriedjuriedFiber, handwoven wearables
SchneiderJim SchneiderJuriedjuriedClay, decorative & functional stoneware
SchoenleberDonald SchoenleberPhotography, fine art images - landscape and architecture
SchoonoverKevin SchoonoverPhotography, forgotten houses and poetic statuary
SchultzChristopher SchultzPhotography, serious & whimsical
SchultzRobert SchultzWood, Shaker boxes
SchulzSusan SchulzJuriedjuriedJewelry, contemporary art jewelry in precious metals
SchulzSusan SchulzFiber, Hooked Rugs
SchumannMarilee SchumannClay, functional stoneware pottery
SchusterWendy SchusterJuriedjuriedJewelry, precious metal clay
SchwartzFlora SchwartzJuriedjuriedFiber, macrame
SchwartzLinda SchwartzJuriedjuriedClay, hand built stoneware
SchwartzLisa SchwartzJewelry, enameled brass & copper
Metal, wall jewels
SchwartzMaryAnn SchwartzPhotography, nature & local imagery
ScottAdrienne ScottMixed Media, enamels
SearsBrad SearsWood, fine woodturning
SeegersRichard SeegersJuriedjuriedGlass, organic internal imagery paperweights
Seidenberg-EllisMargaret Seidenberg-EllisClay, functional & decorative stoneware
SeltzerElizabeth SeltzerJuriedjuriedFiber, fiber wearables
SenechalLinda SenechalFiber, woven shibori scarves and shawls
SerfassRoger SerfassJuriedjuriedWood, woodworking
SeymourCarol SeymourClay, functional stoneware
Shaeff Robert Shaeff Clay, PA German redware
Shaffer Marilyn Shaffer Fiber, hats & headcovers
Shaffer, Jr.Frank Shaffer, Jr.Wood, walking sticks
ShafterJane ShafterFine ArtMixed Media
ShearrowWilliam ShearrowClay, raku fired porcelain pottery
ShelkinCarol ShelkinJuriedjuriedMixed Media, contemporary & fine art mosaics
ShellenhamerSandra ShellenhamerMixed Media, collage
SheltonDonald SheltonMixed Media, forged iron/wood top furniture
SheplerLisa SheplerJewelry, elegant wire wrapped pieces
SheppsAverill SheppsJuriedjuriedAssorted, enamels
Jewelry as Adj
ShermanRosalie ShermanMetal, cast bronze & pewter hardware
ShideCraig ShideAssorted, theorem painting
ShoemakerS. Arthur ShoemakerJuriedjuriedWood, woodcarving
ShoeyEmily ShoeyJuriedjuriedClay, terra-cotta clay maiolica
Jewelry, pmc
ShopeAngela ShopeJuriedjuriedClay, functional porcelain vessels, jewelry
Fine Art, paintings oils, watercolors
ShottJames ShottJuriedjuriedWood, functional cabinetry
ShreinerAndrea ShreinerPhotography, hand-tinted photography
Wood, waterfowl & duck decoys
Shue Tracy Shue Metal, whimsical pewter utensils
Fiber, original handknits
ShukerAdrienne ShukerJuriedjuriedFiber, weaving, spinning & dyeing
Clay, redware stoneware
SianiYanina SianiJewelry, semi precious, metal
Fine Art, oils, watercolor
SiegristPatricia SiegristJuriedjuriedAssorted, German fraktur & primitive painting
SielskiDeborah SielskiJuriedjuriedMixed Media, glass & metal
SigafoosRob SigafoosMetal, blacksmith/woodworking synthesis
SilverJeanie SilverClay, contemporary terracotta
SilvermanMarty SilvermanJuriedjuriedFine Art, hand carved stone sculpture
SimonsJonathan SimonsJuriedjuriedWood, hand crafted wooden kitchen utensils
SinclairBrandy SinclairJewelry, sterling silver, gemstones
SingerGloria SingerJuriedjuriedClay, functional stoneware
SipeDavid SipeWood
SipleTruman SipleWood, wood turning bowls
SirofchuckPaul SirofchuckJuriedjuriedWood, contemporary furniture
SkeltonMelinda SkeltonJuriedjuriedMixed Media, mixed media dolls
Jewelry as Adj, beadweaving
SkeltonSamantha SkeltonJewelry, precious metal, enamel and diamonds
SlenkerNina SlenkerFiber, beaded amulet bags
SloaneShedrick SloanePhotography, matted & framed nature photography
Yellow Breeches
SlyhoffMerle SlyhoffClayGlass, lampworked beadsHaverford
SmeltzerNancy SmeltzerJuriedjuriedClay, woodfired stoneware, vapor glazed
SmithAndy SmithJuriedjuriedPhotography, fine art nature photography
SmithAndy SmithFine Art, watercolor paintings
SmithBrad SmithJuriedjuriedWood, furniture
SmithColby SmithMetal, functional door knockers in bronze alloys
SmithGerald SmithJuriedjuriedWood, refined rustic furniture
SmithJulie SmithFiber, modern quilting and fiber art
Mixed Media
SmithKevin SmithJuriedjuriedWood, sculptural boxes
SmithNatalie SmithBasketry, reed woven baskets
Fiber, thread crochet doilies
SmithPhilip SmithJuriedjuriedJewelry, jewelry/metals fabrication
Metal, sculptural metalsmithing
SmithRebecca SmithJuriedjuriedClay, stoneware woven clay baskets
Clay, functional & decorative stoneware
SmithSusan SmithMixed Media, papier mache & decorative painting
Smith-GodfreyLisa Smith-GodfreyJewelry, chain mail inspired jewelry
Smith, Sr.Gerald Smith, Sr.Wood, woodcarving
SnaderMackenzie Snader
SnodyMolly SnodyWood, handpainted glass and wood
SnyderJudith SnyderAssorted, cornhusk dolls & dried floral designs
SnyderThomas SnyderPhotography, composited digital photographic art
SokolovichJohn SokolovichJuriedjuriedMetal, welded metal sculpture
SolomonMichael SolomonMixed Media
SomervilleKyla SomervilleFiber, crochet accessories
SonnenJanice SonnenJuriedjuriedFiber, hooked rugs, penny rugs & woolens
Assorted, decorative painting
SontchiMarlene SontchiFiber, handbags fabric art
SotoMeredith SotoClay, functional pottery
SoudersMarsha SoudersPrint Making, clay monoprints, mixed media collage
SpalvinsSuzan SpalvinsFiber, bears & dolls
SpanglerChristine SpanglerJuriedjuriedFiber, weaving
SpanglerDonna SpanglerJuriedjuriedPaper, fraktur
Susquehanna Valley
SpanglerNancy SpanglerJuriedjuriedFine Art, decorative painting on wood, metal, gourds
SpeicherNancy SpeicherClay, functional & decorative stoneware
SperatiSonnie SperatiFiber, weaving
SpethHelge SpethJuriedjuriedClay, hand built raku, stoneware & saggar
Mixed Media, metal and clay sculpture
SpottsRodney SpottsMetal, blacksmithing
SprayDavid SprayWood, custom wood furniture & home decor
SprayMelinda SprayWood, custom wood furniture & decor
St. OngePia St. OngeJewelry, fine art jewelry & silk designs
StadnyckiRobert StadnyckiFiber, painted floor cloths & clothing
StamasSteve StamasJewelry, sterling jewelry w semi-precious stones
StarryChristine StarryFiber, weaving & temari
StarryDouglas StarryJuriedjuriedWood, rocking chairs
StatmoreJune StatmoreBasketry, natural materials
StaubKaren StaubJewelry, precious metal, sterling silver, gold
StaufferLinda StaufferClay, functional stoneware, clay & bronze sculpture
StaufferNancy StaufferFine Art, painted repurposed and wood peices
SteenAnn SteenJuriedjuriedAssorted, porcelain painting
StefanskiSusan StefanskiFine Art, oil, watercolor, pastels
SteinbergEileen SteinbergJuriedjuriedJewelry, hand fabricated sterling & gold
StemberJoy StemberMetal, handmade pewter Judaica & home decor
SterleyRebecca SterleyJuriedjuriedMetal, copper & brass wall sculpture
Jewelry, glass bead jewelry
SterlingJohn SterlingJuriedjuriedWood, fine furniture & accessories
SternBob SternMixed Media, architectural antiques into art
SternDavid SternPhotography, photography on ceramic tile
SterngoldKathy SterngoldJuriedjuriedClay, functional stoneware, sculpture
Sterste-BrandlerVivian Sterste-BrandlerClay, majolica & pit fired functional and decorative
fine art, watercolor and oil
Susquehanna Valley
StevensJim StevensWood, windsor chairs
StewartJoyce StewartFiber, clothing that fits and flatters
StiefHeather StiefJewelry, sterling silver w vintage & found objects
StilloBernadette StilloJuriedjuriedClay, whimsical contemporary terracotta & stoneware
StinsonRon StinsonMetal, custom designed original metal sculpture
StoneCatherine StoneMixed Media, acrylic & encaustic collage
Fine Art
StoneSuzanne StoneJuriedjuriedJewelry, 14k & silver
StotlerMarie StotlerBasketry, rye bee skep weaver
StoufferDonna StoufferBasketry, handmade baskets
Jewelry, handmade jewelry
StraderMolly StraderJewelry, enameled precious metal, stone
StramaraKimberle StramaraJuriedjuriedJewelry, sterling & 14k yellow gold
StrongJoan StrongClay, art dolls & antique reproductions
Fiber, folded paper dolls & cloth sculpted dolls
StrouseSteve StrouseJuriedjuriedWood, Shaker-style boxes
StruebelGina StruebelJewelry, wire wrapped & sculpted jewelry
StyerTim StyerMetal, tin moravian stars
SugarMarie SugarJuriedjuriedFiber, hand hooked rugs, wall-hangings
SullivanJennifer SullivanJewelry, precious metals & stones
SummervilleSteven SummervilleJuriedjuriedClay, functional, decorative, earthenware slipware
SummeyEmily SummeyJewelry, southwester, farm, ranchwear
SuttonEileen SuttonJuriedjuriedJewelry, cast, carved colorful resin
SwainstonAllen SwainstonWood, wood & sports craft
SwartzDonald SwartzJuriedjuriedWood, woodcarving
SwartzElizabeth SwartzJewelry, jewelry made from my handmade polymer beads and carefully curated bead collection
SweekAndree SweekFiber, constructions from recycled fabric & found objects
Mixed Media
SweeneyDen SweeneyPhotography, distinctive fine art photography
SwensonKimberly SwensonJewelry, glass & gemstones
SwezeyMarsha SwezeyWood, western red cedar furniture
SzakelyhidiRobert SzakelyhidiJuriedjuriedClay, high fire functional stoneware
Tadzynski-MooreCarol Tadzynski-MooreGlass, kiln formed, flameworked, stained & leaded
Chester CountyLancaster
TalijanBarbara TalijanAssorted, off loom beadweaving
Jewelry as Adj
TarlovSusan TarlovFiber
TaylorCynthia TaylorJuriedjuriedBasketry, traditional appalachian white oak baskets
TaylorLynn TaylorClay, thrown, sculpted, reticulated, hand painted
TaylorMichie TaylorJuriedjuriedClay, synthetic clay jewelry & 3-D wall hangings
TeamanSharon TeamanJuriedjuriedJewelry, contemporary precious metal & stones
TebbensMarianne TebbensClay, raku, porcelain & woodfired, sculptural & functional
ThalerVicki ThalerJewelry, sculptural fabricated
ThayerArlene ThayerFiber, textured hand spun yarns & finished goods
ThomasHerb ThomasJuriedjuriedGlass, hand blown glassware
ThomasSkeffington ThomasClay, sculptural, functional stoneware and porcelain
ThompsonBarbara ThompsonMetal, repurpose antique silverware
ThornMargaret ThornFine Art, original watercolor paintings
ThourotDonna ThourotJewelry, assorted media
Thourot JrCharles Thourot JrJewelry, wiring, weaving, multimedia
ThynellLena ThynellJuriedjuriedFiber, wrist warmers, mittens
Fine Art, watercolor
TieschBarbara TieschFiber, quilts, dolls, knitting, crochet
ToddCharles ToddWood, furniture
TolandLisa TolandJewelry, metal lace jewelry crocheted with electrical wire
ToltonPatricia ToltonJuriedjuriedClay, tile & mosaic
Toser-JosephR. Lisa Toser-JosephJuriedjuriedJewelry, precious metals
TownsendJen TownsendJuriedjuriedJewelry, fine & custom jewelry
TownsendRebecca TownsendFiber, traditional standing wool rgs, trivets, decor
TraceyRachael TraceyJuriedjuriedFiber, quilting & wearable art
TriplettRobert TriplettWood, bird, fish carvings
Yellow Breeches
TroutmanDiane TroutmanJuriedjuriedAssorted, sculpted santas & character dolls
TroxellRobert TroxellClay, slab built ceramics and intaglio prints
Mixed Media
TruebloodDoris TruebloodPhotography, animals & landscapes
TryonLoretta TryonJuriedjuriedJewelry, precious metal
TurbanJames TurbanClayMetal, iron & steel sculpture
TurnerAmy TurnerJuriedjuriedFiber, handwoven rugs, table linens, scarves, shawls
Fiber, handspinning, rug hooking
UchinAlan UchinJuriedjuriedJewelry, silver & gold, men & women
UllmanSusan UllmanPaper
UnderhillCynthia UnderhillPhotography, local, scenic photography
UrbanskiHeidi UrbanskiJewelry, stained glass jewelry & art
UrtonSuzanne UrtonJuriedjuriedJewelry, sterling & copper metal
Fiber, weaving
Van BrederodeJean Van BrederodeJewelry, enamel art jewelry
Mixed Media
Van GelderNadia Van GelderAssorted
Van ZantJudith Van ZantJuriedjuriedFiber, handwoven clothing & accessories
VardjanElaine VardjanJuriedjuriedPaper, block printing, German stars
VardjanMatthew VardjanPaper, folded paper stars & block printing
VarroneFaith VarroneFiber, scarves, shawls & home decor
VaughnCathy VaughnMetal, botanical etching and cold forging copper
Mixed Media
VelasquezLuisa VelasquezMixed Media, 2D hand sculpted frescos on canvas
VerbeckenKay VerbeckenJewelry, wire & metal fabrication
Verret-StammWanda Jo Verret-StammJuriedjuriedGlass, stained glass accessories
Vivino-HintzeAnne Vivino-HintzeJuriedjuriedClay
Vivino-HintzeGeorge Vivino-HintzeJuriedjuriedClay
VogelJoan VogelPaper, papier mache
VolkDouglas VolkJuriedjuriedWood, fine reproductions
Von DreeleBetsey Von DreeleJuriedjuriedFiber, 3D textile collage
VroomWendy VroomPhotography, vibrantly colored macro photography of flowers
WaalsSilvie WaalsJewelry, precious metal clay
Mixed Media, lapidary
WagnerAngie WagnerJuriedjuriedBasketry, contemporary basketry & fiber art
WagnerDianne WagnerMetal, brass, copper, wire chickadee designs
WagnerSarah WagnerMetal, copper & brass chickadee wall hangings
WailesLaura WailesClay, handbuilt architectural stoneware sculputre
Walk Richelle Walk Jewelry, handcrafted 14k gold & sterling silver
WalkerKelly WalkerFiber, children's apparel and accessories
WalkerMary Carolyn WalkerJuriedjuriedJewelry, sterling silver jewelry
Fiber, quilting
WalkerTed WalkerJuriedjuriedJewelry, sterling silver jewelry
WalshCindy WalshFiber, handmade clothing, original patterns
WalshJohn WalshFine Art, highly detailed pencil drawings
WarnerFrank WarnerGlass, lampworked beads & blown glass
Assorted, lapidary, gemstone bowls
WarnerSally WarnerGlass, stained glass tree panels
Warner HammockKaryn Warner HammockJuriedjuriedJewelry, hand fabricated gold & silver
Metal, wall art
WarringLori Ann WarringJewelry, semi precious stones, recycled paper, mixed metals
WashackChristine WashackFiber, painted canvas floor coverings
WashburnEthel WashburnJewelry, beaded jewelry
WazeneggerGeorge WazeneggerJuriedjuriedWood, wood collage, assemblage
Mixed Media, found object creations
WeaverJoan WeaverJuriedjuriedFiber, woven hangings
WeaverMichael WeaverFiber, hand-woven tartan plaids
WeaverSusan WeaverFiber, handweaving
WebbChristine Webbfiber, quilted arts, giclee on canvas
Mixed Media
WeberAnn WeberJuriedjuriedFiber, stuffed toys, puppets, hobby horses
WechslerSusan WechslerJuriedjuriedClay, handbuilt & woven stoneware
WeichmanAllen WeichmanJuriedjuriedClay, functional stoneware dinnerware
WeichmanHelen WeichmanJuriedjuriedClay, functional stoneware & sculpture
WeinbergerGail WeinbergerJuriedjuriedClay, thrown & slab-made functional earthenware
WeinsteinArny WeinsteinWood, fine kaleidoscopes and wood sculpture objects
WeitEric WeitJuriedjuriedFiber, rag rugs, runners & bags
WellsMike WellsWood, wood carving & sculpture
Welsh Sr.David Welsh Sr.JuriedjuriedWood, wood burning
Assorted, gourds- colored & decorated
WenderAndrew WenderClay, raku fired kamps
WendlingDuane WendlingJuriedjuriedWood, custom furniture, period styles & boxes
WendtMelanie WendtJuriedjuriedJewelry, contemporary sterling silver
WengerLinda WengerFiber, handbags
WengrynMark WengrynJewelry, original & inspired jewelry- bronze, silver, semi precious stones
Yellow Breeches
WernerWayne WernerJewelry, cold forged 18k jewelry
WertChristine WertJuriedjuriedClay, sgraffito pottery & fraktur
Paper, fraktur
WestonRobert WestonWood, marquetry veneer painting
WewerAnabella WewerGlass, mosaicist, jeweler
WheelerJames WheelerPhotography, scenic and nature photography
WheelerRobin WheelerClay, functional and decorative ceramics
WhetstoneJim WhetstoneJuriedjuriedWood, custom contemporary one of a kind pieces
Photography, nature, candids, weddings
WhitcombJacqueline WhitcombFine Art, canvas, glass & china painting
Susquehanna Valley
WhiteChris WhiteJewelry, bead weaving, strung beads
WhiteElaine WhiteClay, functional high fire stoneware and porcelain
WhiteElena WhiteClay, functional stoneware, raku & majolica
WhitselKeysha WhitselGlass, lampworked glass pendants, bottles, ornaments & marbles
WigginsHershal WigginsJewelry, watchmaker and jeweler
WildnauerDennis WildnauerMetal, hand hammered aluminum giftware
WileyPaul WileyMetal, copper finials and roof embellishments
WilkinsLois WilkinsClay, handbuilt & wheelthrown pottery
Photography, photography
WilliamsDeborah WilliamsFine Art, portraits
Clay, sculpture
WilliamsJennifer WilliamsJewelry, semiprecious stones, Thai & sterling silver
WillisAnne WillisJuriedjuriedFiber, silk shibori & batik scarves, garments, pillows, drapery
WilsonDon WilsonJuriedjuriedWood, bowls & hollow forms
WilsonRonald WilsonPhotography, large format photography; color nature
WiltonBrenda WiltonJuriedjuriedFiber, knitwear: clothing & accessories
Clay, polymer clay
WilzDenise WilzJuriedjuriedClay, redware pottery
WindellPhillip WindellPhotography, digital photographs in electronic or print display
WinegarJames WinegarJuriedjuriedClay, stoneware pottery
WinegarLinda WinegarJuriedjuriedClay, stoneware pottery
WinemillerJanet WinemillerGlass, stained & fused glass
Jewelry as Adj
WinigradDavid WinigradJuriedjuriedWood, contemporary kinetic whirligigs
WinsonStephanie WinsonFiber, soft sculpture art dolls
Fiber, embroidery - quilts
WiseSusan WiseFiber, handcrafted items from recycled sweaters
WitmerSteven WitmerJuriedjuriedClay
WolkDennis WolkFiber, hand dyed and surface manipulation
WoodBrian WoodJuriedjuriedWood, segmented woodturning
WoodwardLinn WoodwardAssorted, egg scratching
WorkScott WorkJuriedjuriedWood, fine custom woodworking
WrightElizabeth WrightFiber, hand knit clothing, fabric baskets, felted soap
WrightLinda WrightFiber, 2D & 3D fiber art
WunderE. Douglas WunderJuriedjuriedJewelry, constructed, layered & cold connected
WursterDixie Lee WursterJuriedjuriedAssorted, straw art & wheatweaving
WychockKaren WychockJuriedjuriedBasketry, traditional Shaker design
WyethEllie WyethFine Art, painted canvas floor cloths
Assorted, laminated place mats, note cards
WysockJanell WysockFiber, handloomed knitwear
YacoePaul YacoeJuriedjuriedWood, boxes & desk accessories
YakimAaron YakimJuriedjuriedBasketry, Appalachian white oak baskets
YancyEunissa YancyGlass, lampworked beads, jewelry, precious metal
YaniskoSandi YaniskoJewelryPhotography, nature
YaoSamuel YaoBasketry, handwoven sculptural askets
YatesNatalie YatesMetal, metalsmithing, metal jewelry
Fiber, weaving
YearickAllen YearickJuriedjuriedClay, stoneware & porcelain
Jewelry as Adj, ceramic jewelry
YearickMary Ellen YearickJuriedjuriedClay, functional stoneware
Jewelry as Adj, crystalline porcelain jewelry
YocumElysse YocumGlass, sandblasting on glassware, etching & carving
YocumJoss YocumGlass, sandblasting on glassware, etching & carving
Wood, woodwork & sculpture
YoderRoyce YoderJuriedjuriedClay, functional stoneware
Yoder, Jr.William Yoder, Jr.Wood, wooden pens & desk accessories
YorkJanice YorkFine Art, landscape, seascape, still life oil painting
YostErma Martin YostFiber, hand-felted, stitched constructions
YoungCharles YoungJuriedjuriedGlass, sand-carved and painted glass
YoungTricia YoungJewelry, cloisonne enamel
YoungbloodRuth Ann YoungbloodFiber, lacemaking - various types
Yourgulez-BuhrerFrankie Yourgulez-BuhrerJewelry, silver
Fiber, knit, crochet, bead & sew
YoutzEd YoutzJuriedjuriedWood, clean lined decorative & functional turnings
ZackBill ZackMetal, metal sculpture
ZakarijaCarolyn ZakarijaJuriedjuriedJewelry, fine jewelry
ZalonBernard ZalonPrint Making, traditional etchings (acid on copper plate, inking and printing)
ZdinakNick ZdinakMixed Media, pysanky
ZelikovskyGail ZelikovskyJuriedjuriedFiber, dye painted on silk in serti method, knitting
ZengSimon ZengFine Art, inspiration from imagination and nature
ZerbeMichael ZerbeClay, decorative, functional pottery & tiles
ZettlemoyerTammy ZettlemoyerJuriedjuriedClay, traditional PA German redware
Ziemons-McGinnDonna Ziemons-McGinnJuriedjuriedFiber
ZignerMegann ZignerPhotography, photography and miscellaneous craft
ZimblerHeidi ZimblerClay, functional & decorative porcelain pottery
ZimmermanBeverly ZimmermanJuriedjuriedClay, handbuilt functional pottery
ZimmermanGloria ZimmermanFine Art, decorative painting
Mixed Media
ZipayElizabeth ZipayJuriedjuriedJewelry, tatted lace jewelry
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