Apply Online to our Fine Craft Shows

Guild Craft show applications for 2017 will be available online through




Applications will be available online through Zapplication beginning December 14, 2016.


The application deadline for both Rittenhouse Square shows and the summer Wilmington show is February 5, 2017.


*New this year: Artists will need to apply to each show separately; one application for each show.


Please contact show manager Kara Raymond at 717-668-6278 or for any questions regarding our fine craft shows.

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Our 2017 Show Line-Up

May 12, 13 & 14, 2017 // Rittenhouse Square Fine Craft, Philadelphia

July 29 & 30, 2017  // Chase on the Riverfront, Wilmington, DE

Oct. 13, 14 & 15, 2017 // Rittenhouse Square Fine Craft, Philadelphia


About our venues|| Our Fine Craft Fairs are carefully designed, from the venues we choose to the audience we connect with,  including the posh Rittenhouse Square neighborhood and the gorgeous Chase Center on the Riverfront in Delaware.


Rittenhouse Square || In the Heart of Philadelphia

Think high end restaurants, designer clothing stores, and unique boutiques nestled between.  Rittenhouse Square attracts a high volume of customers coming from outside the city to enjoy the craft show, but the beauty of Rittenhouse Square lies with the unknowing passersby!  Philadelphia is a walking city and it’s full of art lovers, retirees, students, and young families.  The Rittenhouse customer is contemporary and cutting edge.  The Guild does a considerable amount of marketing before this show, but more often than not you will encounter enthusiastic customers that claim “I had no idea this was going on!” and fortunately for you, the Rittenhouse customer has disposable income to throw down on your one-of-a-kind artwork.


Chase on the Riverfront || Wilmington Delaware

This gorgeous venue attracts a crowd that is familiar with the Guild and what they stand for and offers both traditional and contemporary craft for its clientele. This show is indoors, so remind your customers where to find you and they will be thankful for the air conditioned relief the Chase Center offers!


We hope to create a positive experience for you, making sure every aspect from set up through load out is organized and relaxed.


We can even offer you the opportunity for us to manage your rental needs, including tents and indoor displays, as well.

We are not a for-profit show promoter, which means we can focus on you as members of our Guild, with invaluable insights about your experiences as the skillful artisans that you are. Our Fine Craft Fairs attract educated shoppers that appreciate fine craft and the made-by-hand spirit.

Our application is open to artists and craftsmen nationwide. You do not need to be a member upon applying, but are required to join upon acceptance. You do not need to be a Master Artisan of the Guild, but can apply for that status upon your acceptance into our fairs.

Entry into our shows is very competitive, as applications arrive from artisans who focus on excellence in craftsmanship, resolved design and unique style or voice. Unlike some shows, we will not add booths to meet a quota.

So join the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen and become an active member of one of the nation’s largest and most respected craft guilds!


We pride ourselves on our standards of excellence in craft.

Here are some answers to your FAQ’s about our Fine Craft Fairs.
Q: How are our Jurors chosen?
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Q: How does the Blind Jury process work?
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Q: Which shows are right for my work?
A: Click here for more info about our shows.
Q: How do I write a clear artist’s statement on my app?
A: Click here for guidance.
Q: I’m new to shows – help!
A: Click here for 6 Steps to Exhibiting Like a Pro

Thanks for considering being a part of our Guild shows! 


Important Dates 2017

  • Show application deadline February 5, 2017






Are you an Emerging Artist?

Spaces are available within each of the Pennsylvania Guild’s existing craft shows to highlight the style and innovation of the newest handmade movement. It’s a great opportunity for young makers and designers to meet the Guild’s craft-loving, affluent customer base.  Good for one year only.