EMERGE || Craft Show Incubator

EMERGE || Emerging Makers Establishing Roots at Guild Events

Spaces for emerging artists are designated as part of our EMERGE incubator program within each of the Pennsylvania Guild’s existing craft shows. Your work will be highlighted as the style and innovation of the newest handmade movement. It’s a great opportunity for young (and new) makers and designers to meet the Guild’s craft-loving, affluent customer base.

All four shows are established regional attractions reaching over 100,000 craft collectors in a year. Applying through this program provides upgraded amenities at our indoor shows and a reduced booth rate at our outdoor shows – both in manageable space with centralized exposure.

Membership is required. This is a one year program (whether you exhibit at 1 or 4 shows).  Limited availability.



Joanna’s Testimonial || An Emerging Artist’s Perspective 

Joanna Nealey, our featured artist from the May Rittenhouse Fine Craft Fair in 2015, is a gifted and innovative jeweler; her path exemplifies the Guild’s work to nurture and empower up-and-coming makers, as they transform their passion for fine craft into successful careers. Joanna joined the guild as a member of our EMERGE program in 2013, where she debuted her bold and bright enameled jewelry at our well-attended May Rittenhouse show.  It was there that she discovered her audience and her path to establishing a career in craft. Playing with materials, scale and the use of negative and positive space, her fashion jewelry is both artistic and accessible. Joanna draws her inspiration from edgy urban themes, and the mysteries found in mother-nature; shattered glass windows on pavement inspire bold, hand-pierced silver pendants, while the organic growth patterns of crystals inform the geometric quality of some of her most recent work. Bold, bright and fun, we were honored to have Joanna’s work be represented in that exciting show, and to have her as a member of our Guild.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be a member to apply?

No, you do not need to be a member when submitting an application. However, you do need to join the Guild if accepted into the program.

Are there any restrictions based on experience?

The program is focused on artists and craftspeople with less than three years of combined craft show experience.

Are there any restrictions based on age?

No. The program is open to all ages.

How much does it cost?

All of our fees are reduced for this program.  It’s only $10 to apply. If accepted, you are required to be a member, which costs between $55 (if you’re a student) and $75 (if you’re not).  EMERGE booth fees for each individual show vary between $375 in Philadelphia to $350 for a 5’x10′ in Wilmington.

What’s included in a booth fee for the EMERGE program?

At the outdoor shows you get a 10 x 10 space at a discounted rate. You’re responsible for bring a 10’x10′ canopy tent. At the indoor shows we provide pipe and drape, electricity and wireless internet access.

Is there a special designation during the show that indicates I’m an EMERGE artist?

Yes, we include a little icon in the show program to denote your status and we’ll also highlight your booth space to indicate your status at the show.