Deena Ball
Havertown, PA
booth #16
Deena Ball is making preliminary drawings and colored pencils studies as well as demonstrating her technique of applying texture in the early stages of the process.
What's a Theorem?
Sandra Jean Coldren
Lititz, PA
booth #103
Sandra Jean Coldren is painting theorems using tools from the past and present including a series of stencils, precise brushwork, homemade pigments and velvet.
Wood Carving
Robert Fisher
West Chester, PA
booth #123
Robert Fisher demonstrates carving miniatures out of various woods. Armed with a carving knife, Robert shows step-by-step how he creates his whimsical characters.
Mixing Mediums
Christine Goldbeck
Middletown, PA
booth #181
Christine Goldbeck is creating textured mixed-media & abstract paintings with household items such as salt, rubbing alcohol, aluminum foil and plastic wrap.
Madeleine Kelly
Ridley Park, PA
booth #125
Madeleine Kelly pushes the envelope. She demonstrates how she creates a vibrant pastel, using an underpainting in acrylic.
Andy Smith
Lititz, PA
booth #190
Douglas Starry
Gettysburg, PA
booth #215
Douglas Starry demonstrates woodworking using old Shaker techniques to create beautiful furniture.
Denise Wilz
Emmaus, PA
booth #195
Denise Wilz demonstrates the sgraffito (scratch) decorating technique used by the early Pennsylvania German potters.
Basket Weaving
Karen Wychock
Warrington, PA
booth #135
Karen Wychock explores the history and weaving of Traditional Shaker baskets. Every weave known today dates back to before written word. Working over molds, in the methods of the Shakers, Karen’s baskets are very traditional.
Turning Wood on Lathe
Ed Youtz
Emmaus, PA
booth #104
Ed Youtz is turning different slabs of wood on an electric lathe to create a natural edge and finished edge wooden vessels. He is also making spinning tops.
What is Tatting?
Elizabeth Zipay
Schuylkill Haven, PA
booth #202
Elizabeth Zipay is making a traditional form of lace. By knotting threads into rings and chains, she’s demonstrating her contemporary version of tatting (lace).