What your Gift makes possible

In its first year, the emerging Center of American Craft has opened its doors and made so much more possible for members and patrons of fine craft:

  • 6,000 sq. ft. cleared of debris for craft activity
  • Vibrant 850 sq. ft. store opens & celebrates fine craft sales of over $48,000
  • Elegant first floor gallery opens and hosts 4 exhibitions
  • 235 volunteers help create class space
  • Fully functional Hot Shop opens in July
  • 82 classes held
  • 284 students served
  • 10,596 visitors on site
  • $245,000 donated for renovations and educational programs

Please help keep the momentum going.

For 69 years, the Pennsylvania Guild has served as one of the best educational resources for makers of fine craft in Pennsylvania and surrounding states. Now the 7th largest craft organization in the nation, the PA Guild reaches more than 100,000 people annually. We are in an exciting campaign to transform an old warehouse in downtown Lancaster into a vibrant Community Magnet that will offer daily and weekly classes.

Continuing gifts of all sizes and shapes are needed to complete renovations. The sooner the dollars are raised, the faster the Center of American Craft can serve more audiences—including artists of all ages and abilities from beginners to professionals, from youth to seniors.

You can make it happen with your unrestricted gift to the Guild.

Ideas of what your gift could make possible:

  • $150 buys 1 overhead light for a classroom or small sets of jewelry tools or casting equipment
  • $600 supplies a scroll saw or a printing press or sewing machine or a fire-rated door for a classroom
  • $1,500 lights an entire classroom
  • $2,500 runs adequate plumbing or electrical capacity loads to a classroom
  • $6,000 installs a 2nd story window to bring natural light into a classroom or gallery
  • $15,000 equips a classroom with most tools, materials and supplies
  • $25,000 carves out the space for 1 of 6 classrooms including fiber, wood, jewelry & glass workshops, a clay studio, lecture room and clean craft spaces
  • $75,000 renovates all bathrooms, storage, exhibition spaces and complicated ceiling changes
  • $125,000 enables a 150+ foot long exterior mural celebrating Pennsylvania’s legacy of fine craftsmanship, and simultaneously providing a highly visible and accessible public art installation that draws attention to craft
  • $275,000 installs an elevator with access to all levels and provides handicapped access through a new exterior atrium at street level and makes it possible for all students to access classrooms (most of which are located on the 2nd floor)
  • $1 million accomplishes the bucket list, resolves the mortgage, and contributes a vital investment to the Guild’s endowment fund, thereby ensuring future growth and long term stability for all

Be a part of the transformation.

All gifts may be paid over time. Please consider committing to a five year pledge (at quarterly or annual installments). You may submit donations via credit card, check, PayPal or through transfers of stock. For more information, please contact:

Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen
Center of American Craft
335 N. Queen St
Lancaster, PA 17603
Attn: Jenny Germann

Thank you for your support!



Donate Tools & Equipment

Contact Mackenzie at 717-431-8706 or via email to discuss equipment and tools that you may wish to donate to our workshop program. Here is the current wish list for jewelry, metals and glass program.

flush cutters3$12.95189.45
set of 6 pliers: fine-tip chain-nose, long chain-nose, duck-bill, fine-tip flatnose, bent long-chain-nose, tine-tip roundnose4$21.95
liquid flux1$26.95
Thanks!solder pick3$11.95
Flammables Cabinet1$300.004008
Thanks!bench pin8$10.95
Thanks!jeweler's saw, adjustable blade length, 5" throat8$13.25
Smith air/acetylene torches4$339.00
torch holders4$20.00
Fireproof surface3
Thanks!motor hangers with clamps8$27.00
crockpot for pickle1$20.00
Thanks!copper tongs, straight1$7.50
Thanks!copper tongs, bent1$7.50
Thanks!soldering tweezers, set of 42$12.95
soldering glasses4$15.40
safety glasses4$7.00
Thanks!millimeter gauge4$20.00
rotary tumbler kit1$145.00
AdvantEdge silicone polisher, white2$9.45
3m radial bristle 6-ply disc, 220-grit2$14.50
3M radial bristle 6-ply disc, 80-grit2$14.50
3M radial bristle 6-ply disc, 400 grit2$14.50
charcoal blocks4$7.00
firing racks3$32.80588
firing fork1$17.25
scrolling tool
assortment of trivets$50.00
k3 heat resistant gloves2$30.95
alundum stones, 120 grit$12.00
alundum stones, 220 grit$11.75
small sifter1$3.30
medium sifter2$4.00
large sifters3$4.55
Thanks!hand-held tube cutter jig2$30.00$313
wax tools, wolf set, 18 pieces1$143.75
pegas skip-tooth saw blades #51$4.50
double-end file, wax, coarse & fine2$22.00
needle file set, wax, cut coarse1$28.95
Riveting hammers10$16.00
Center Punch12$6.00
Needle Files11$10.00
Multi Jaw bench vise5$80.00
Raw Hide Mallet6$22.00
Forging hammers6$20.00
Anvils, 35 lb2$199.00