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A website is essential to running your business.

We can provide you an affordable website from an organization and staff you trust. Website design can easily run over $1,000 for just the design.

With our website designs, you’re in control over your content: make edits, change your schedule and add images to your gallery on the fly from any computer with an internet connection.


How much does it cost?

$160 annual + $160 initial setup = $320 first year

$320 gets you a four page, stand-alone website with a gallery of unlimited images, and the full control to edit, change, delete and add anything to any page at any time. Use an existing domain name or get your very own personalized domain name ( for no extra charge.  You’ll be in control, we’ll be your primary tech support.



The quick facts


Content Management: It means we’re giving you the tools to be in control of your website’s content through a pre-installed WordPress platform. Edit your pages whenever.

Customizable Pages: Up to 6 initial pages (plus an optional blog page) can be titled whatever you’d like. By default, these are the pages we’ll setup for you:

Homepage/Main: You can include whatever you’d like on the homepage. By default, we’ll add one dramatic image and as much text as you’d like. example >

Gallery: We now allow an unlimited number of images on the gallery page.  They are formatted as large thumbnails that can be clicked into larger images. You can add descriptions, captions and more. example >

Where to Find: Post your show schedule, studio tour, open house and gallery locations.  You can add images or video. example >

About/Contact: We will post your contact information on this page.  Perhaps you’d like to share your bio, artist statement or brief resume.  Professional associations may be linked on this page. You could add images or video if you choose. example >

plus at no extra cost Blog (optional): If you have an existing blog and a separate website, why not put them together and maintain them both in one place? Ask for details.

If you’d like additional pages. we can do that too. It costs only $25 per page for initial setup and doesn’t increase your annual rate.

Right Sidebar: This is where we’ll place your business’ description, contact information and widgets to your social media sites such as Facebook. It’s customizable.



Examples of Member Websites

If you already have a website and are simply looking for a cheaper way to host your site and domain registration, we also offer a “Maintenance” program. Contact for details.

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$160 annual service contract $160 one-time setup

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