Get Juried

Juried status in the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen is the mark of achievement that distinguishes work as quality. Members achieve juried status through an in-person review by experts.

This distinction is not required to apply to the Guild’s fine craft fairs, store or for membership. However, members who achieve juried status unlock a host of additional benefits within the organization. Is it time for you to strive to be your best? Are you ready to attain juried status?


Guild Jurying Procedures 


Application Juried Status - Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen - StandardsMembers may apply to be considered for an in-person jury session. The online application requires 4 to 6 digital images reflecting the work to be reviewed during the visual review, a statement outlining the applicant’s craft background, education, specialized techniques and studio setup (i.e. independent studio, partnership, production studio with assistants or employees).

There are a limited number of spaces in any in-person jury session. The application is a request to participate, and does not guarantee entry. Each application is reviewed by a small group of standards representatives based on the three benchmarks. The committee views images, reads the included materials, and selects the strongest candidates to participate in the upcoming visual review jury. Members who are not selected are encouraged to consider participation in an Open Critique session.

The non-refundable application fee is $55. Re-application must be done with new images and information but the fee is only $10.

Scheduling: Deadline to apply: 60 days in advance of presentation; Application Assessment: 45 days in advance; Notifications: 30 days in advance.



Jury sessions are limited to 14 applicants per day. Members must first have their application accepted to gain access to a space in a jury session. Standards representatives are in attendance. On the day of the in-person jury, members are required to bring 4 to 6 works that exemplify the three benchmarks, and then present for three minutes explaining their work.



Visual Review - Juried Status - Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen - Standards committeeThe standards representatives break-up into small groups (2-3). Each small group of jurors hears verbal presentations one at a time from a cluster of 2 to 3 applicants. Each member has 3 minutes to discuss their work. Applicants are encouraged to spend one minute discussing each of the following areas: materials used, techniques/skills applied, and attention to finishing. Due to scheduling constraints, presentations are strictly kept to 3 minutes.

After the presentations, the standards representatives convene to visually review the objects.



Visual Review - Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen - StandardsAfter the verbal presentations, the applicants are asked to return at an assigned time while the jury reviews all work. The group reviews work using the three benchmarks.The jurors who listened to the applicant’s presentation lead the discussion. Artist statements and additional details outlined in the applicant’s application are also considered at this time. Scores are assigned to each benchmark, notes are taken of critique or concern. After a period of discussion, final decisions are made. Discussion is noted by Guild staff or an independent non-voting volunteer on a benchmark tally sheet to be shared with the applicant.

After all works have been visually reviewed, applicants are welcomed back into the room in groups and an assigned representative provides the jury’s decision. If the applicant passes, s/he receives a temporary certificate and 20 jury seals before leaving. A hand-lettered certificate will be mailed within 4 weeks. If the applicant does not pass, s/he is asked if they’d like to receive verbal feedback, and are provided a benchmark tally sheet with notes.

One presentation is included in the cost of the application. Members who return for a second presentation, the re-jury fee is $20.



Open / Peer Critique

Open critique is an educational opportunity for both established craftsmen and emerging artists to assess the current state of their craft’s development through an expert-led group discussion with no formal judgement. The experience may provide mentorship, critical feedback, constructive criticism, guidance, product development advice, ideas, consultation and more. learn more



Benefits of Juried Status include:

  • Prestigious acknowledgement for a body of work that shows excellence
  • Invitations to submit work to select gallery exhibitions
  • Eligible for cash prizes in Benchmark Awards program
  • One-time only fee for Guild Store instead of an annual fee
  • Images used on Guild’s extensive publicity and marketing materials
  • Bonus points during show selection
  • Preferential recommendations to craft collectors
  • Annual membership must be maintained to retain juried status.



Craft Guidelines:



Standards Core Committee:

The Standards Core Committee is headed by the VP Standards.  This committee is comprised of a group of juried members who are recognized as experts in their fields.  They bring a wide range and depth of experience and represent a variety of media and approach to craft.  Some are traditionalists working in historically accurate reproductions, some apply traditional techniques to their own original contemporary designs, while others push methods and means to the ultimate for a completely unique expression of creative thought.  They were all carefully chosen for this committee because together they form a balanced perspective.

The Committee continually works with a wider group of experts and offers multiple training sessions annually. Committee members are also available to meet one-on-one and to attend Chapter or group meetings. Please contact the VP of Standards for more details.