Members – Submit Exhibition Proposals

Rent the Guild’s high profile exhibition space and show-off your work! Set up is the first week of the month and the opening reception is during Lancaster’s popular First Friday.  On average, around 1000 people visit the Center each month.  Rent the space for yourself or with a group or chapter.

Details for Proposals

  • Applications are reviewed annually. All participants must be craftsman members of the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen. No more than 5 members may participate in one exhibit unless it is a chapter exhibition.  Notifications are sent via email.
  • The $15 application fee is due with each proposal. Security deposit of $100 and rental fee of $300 or $325 is due within 15 days of acceptance. The security deposit and 1/3 of rental fee are NOT refunded if you cancel the showcase. No commission is taken on sold work. Advertising fee covers 2 facebook posts, two twitter posts, Meta-slider on, notices in eblasts and listing on calendar.
  • Standards:  Entries should represent the best in craftsmanship and design. All entries should be considered one-of-a-kind gallery pieces. Multiples of unique works may not be on display at the same time.  The Guild reserves the right to accept or reject work in advance or in person. All items displayed must be the work of the craftsperson of record and must conform to PGC Standards: excellence in craftsmanship, resolved design and a unique voice or style. All featured work must be original pieces made by the craftsperson, and therefore, assemblages, embellishments, commercial products, or work made from commercially available kits are not eligible. Consumables such as, but not limited to: vinegars, soaps, lotions, perfumes and candles are not eligible. Prints must be limited edition. Photography must be limited edition.
  • The craftsperson has sole responsibility for transporting work to and from the gallery. The Guild will set a schedule for delivery, installation and pick up.
  • Displays & Set up: Our exhibition space is 18’ x 10’ with 40’ of wall space.  Walls are 10’ tall and all white.  Participating members are responsible for setup and take down.  An assortment of pedestals and display units are available for use. If you are submitting anything that requires added security, you are responsible for providing a locked case. Please note on your registration form if you have any item that is “oversized” or of unusual weight or proportions. If you have any display equipment specific to your piece, please bring it with you. Anything that needs to be hung must be equipped properly. Hung work must weigh 25lb or less per piece.
  • Your e-signature authorizes the Guild to sell work on your behalf.
  • Exhibition must be setup and ready by 4 pm on the Thursday prior to opening. Bring a stack of business cards for each participating artist.
  • workshops.  Artists provide provisions for First Friday.  (Recommended: 1-2 boxes of wine, tray of cookies and bag of pretzels – store bought please.)
  • All participating artists must submit complete inventory 2 weeks before opening via provided excel form.  Guild will create price tags and handle sale of all work. Checks are issued 3 weeks after the exhibition closes.  If accepted, all participating artists must sign terms and conditions waiver.
  • Work is handled with the utmost care, however, the Guild will not be held responsible for loss, damage or theft that may occur while the work is in transit, on display or in storage in association with the gallery. Please be assured the Guild will exercise all reasonable precautions to minimize the risk of loss or damage or theft to craft works. As a professional craftsman, it is your responsibility to hold adequate business insurance that protects your work at all times.
  • You will be paid within 3 weeks after the end of the exhibition. If there’s no damage to the Center, your security deposit will also be refunded within three weeks of exhibition end.   Forms 1099 are sent annually by January 31. You will receive a 1099 only if your income from the Guild exceeds $600 in a calendar year.
  • Artists must be present for the opening on First Friday from 5 pm-9 pm.  May be present other days if desired. Demonstrations are encouraged and should be scheduled in advance for promotional purposes. Teaching a class during the exhibition is also encouraged. Contact to set up