Team-building Workshops

Need your team to think outside the box? Spend more time refining their communication and leadership styles? Prime the creative pump to tackle professional challenges? Reflect on and celebrate their recent achievements? We can help design a project to support your goals.

teambuilding 2Our past team-building workshops have centered on creating an art-making challenge that requires strategy, dialog, creativity, and reflection while team-building. We work to instill the importance of creative thinking, problem-solving, communication, trust, reliance, and decision-making within a team dynamic.

For instance, we hosted 70 participants from Leadership Lancaster’s 2014 class for a team-building exercise. We broke them into small groups and challenged each team to create two paintings with very limited colors, under a time constraint – oh, and blindfolded. Facilitators didn’t field questions or direct, but they did guide reflection time on communication styles, unspoken assumptions that guided the way different teams approached each difficulty, and the innovations created during and after the prototype painting.

Pricing will vary depending on the size of the group and the project. Contact us at for more information!

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