• Intro to Glassblowing: Christmas Ornaments
    December 7, 2021
    6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
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Instructor: Michael Peluso

Skill Level: Beginner

In this two hour class, students will have the opportunity to make an ornament all on their own! Students will learn the basics of color application and blowing after witnessing the instructor do a demonstration. This class will take place at Michael’s glass studio in Elizabethtown, PA.

Please note *** A materials fee of $20 is due to the instructor at the time of the class.

About the Instructor:

In life, the recycling of material, the destruction, and the creation of forms create a balance in nature. The surface of the very planet is never the same. In order to achieve this balance and happiness within my own life, there must be an exchange of energy between the large picture and the artist and the people with invested interests, for our surface, our soul is never the same moment to moment.
Working with glass, with temperatures approaching 3000 °F, creates a harmonious balance between my intensity and the intensity of the glass. This balance makes me feel energized and focused as I create, I destroy. The destruction is never appreciated as the creation is but the two need to be in perfect balance. Through this repetitive process, ideas are changed, viewpoints are understood. And with that understanding creates the newest chapter and ultimately new work or art or new teaching techniques. We all want to know how we got to where we are, through teaching you glimpse back to your very first understandings. It gives you a chance for a redo, again and again. In a continuous never-ending cycle.


6322 Schoolhouse Road, Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania, 17022, United States

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