How Soon Is The Application Available?

The online application will be available beginning December 14th. The deadline to apply is February 5th, 2017. Please note that all applications for our 2017 craft shows will be through Zapplication.

Can I be notified when the new application is available?

Yes, simply sign-up for our application reminders by checking “Exhibiting as an Artist” on our email sign-up form.

Do you accept food vendors?

No, the contracts for our three major fine craft fairs prevent us from providing external food providers or prepared foods vendors.

Do I need to be a member of the Guild to apply?

No, you do not need to be a member of the Guild to apply. However, if accepted into any show, you are required to join the Guild, which costs between $55-75. If you are not currently a member, you will provide your membership information while applying to the show(s) of your choice. If you apply and are placed on a waiting list for all shows, you are not required to join the Guild. If you are moved into a show off of the waiting list, then you will need to join.

When are the booth fee payments due?

All show payments must be made via Zapplication. Your application submission is your commitment to participation in the show. The application fee must be paid at the time application is submitted. Booth fees must be paid via Zapplication by or before the due date(s) specified for each show. You will have approximately 25-30 days from the date of notification of acceptance to confirm & pay for your space in a show to which you are accepted.

If an exhibitor does not make booth payment on-time their booth/ place in the show may be forfeited. In the event you must cancel your participation in a show, you must notify us in writing via email to as outlined below. Exhibitors submitting declined credit cards will be charged an additional $ 25 fee to reprocess payment.

What is included with my booth at the show?

For our outdoor events, we simply provide the 10’x10′ footprint. You are required to provide everything else including a tent, sides, display, etc. We do offer tent rental at our outdoor events for an additional fee. For our indoor events, we provide the booth footprint, 500 watts of electricity, and wireless internet connection. You are required to provide sides, display, etc. We do offer pipe and drape, table, and chairs rentals at our indoor events for an additional fee.

Can I share a booth?

Yes, you may share a booth with a friend or spouse or fellow chapter members. Both participants have to apply independently noting their wish to share a space with the other applicant, pay the application fee, pass the selection process, join the Guild based on acceptance, and pay for their portion of the booth space.

Do you have any opportunities for emerging artists?

Yes, we have an EMERGE program that provides some additional amenities at the show for a slightly reduced price. EMERGE applicants have to be relatively new to the craft show business, and must not have done a Guild event in the past. There is no age restriction to apply because we all start our craft career at different points in our lives.

What’s involved in the application process?

You will provide us with details about your craft including type and process. We also require four product images and one booth shot image to be uploaded digitally. All images must be digital. We do not accept printed photographs. During the application, you will fill out details related to your booth requests for each show you wish to apply.

How are applications reviewed?

After the deadline, we process all applications and review them at one time (rather than ongoing). We convene a committee of 5 to 8 fine craftsmen and fine artists with a variety of backgrounds and expertise. They review all applications together as a group. Each craft medium is reviewed independently for special consideration. A quick preview takes place where all images within a single craft medium are viewed prior to viewing each application. After the preview, the first application and images is pulled up, descriptions are read, brief discussion occurs, and scores are assigned. Our scoring system is 1 (lowest) to 6 (highest). After the full review, we average the scores from all of the experts to determine who is accepted, wait listed or rejected.

When and how will I be notified of acceptance?

We notify every applicant by email in February.

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