Submissions representing the finest quality craftsmanship are welcome. Membership in the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen is required (you may apply for membership with the show application). Master status is encouraged yet not required.

Standards for displayed works

All items displayed must be the work of the craftsperson of record and must conform to PGC Standards: excellence in craftsmanship, resolved design and a unique voice or style. Our shows feature original materials by fine professionals, and therefore, assemblages, embellishments, commercial products, or work made from commercially available kits are not eligible. Consumables such as, but not limited to: vinegars, soaps, lotions, perfumes and candles are not eligible. Prints may comprise up to 20% of the display, and must be limited edition. Photography must also be limited edition. No “seconds” or “sale” signs permitted. All shows are floor juried. Work displayed must be representative of your submitted application or you will be asked to remove it. Failure to comply with stated rules or a misrepresentation of work may result in expulsion from the show.

Jewelry as Adjunct

For those who have a primary craft (i.e. pottery) and also wish to display same category jewelry. Four additional images required. You may only display work that is accepted. It is possible that your primary craft may be accepted while your jewelry is not.


A valid sales tax certificate is required for PA shows. You must include a sales tax ID# on this application (PA Dept. of Revenue: 717-787-1064, www.revenue.state.pa.us). You are then expected to collect and submit 6% state sale tax. Philadelphia city sales tax is 2%. You are not required to collect sales tax in Delaware. If participating in our events in Philadelphia, you are also expected to have a business privilege tax license through the Philly Dept of Revenue. Step one: apply for a ‘Business Tax Account Number’ at: http://1.usa.gov/14pRmu9 Step two: apply for an annual privilege license ($50) at http://1.usa.gov/XRbVzM. Step three: submit your sales figures to the Philly Dept. of Revenue annually. Remember to include all of your expenses related to the show including mileage, hotel, food, studio rental, materials, marketing and anything else related to the making of your craft. Further questions about the business privilege tax license should be directed to Phila Department of Revenue at revenue@phila.gov, http://1.usa.gov/XLLYk5 or 215-686-6600.


Exhibitors provide all aspects of display, including tent sturdy enough to withstand weather for outdoor shows. Booths must have a backdrop on 3 sides (corner booth 2 sides) providing a visual barrier the entire width, depth and height of booth. No displays may exceed 8′ tall without prior approval. You must bring to indoor shows documentation that all display fabrics, canopies or curtains are flame resistant. Nothing (chairs, display, stock) may extend beyond your booth footprint. At Rittenhouse shows, your chair may be set across the sidewalk.

Attendance & Set Up

The craftsperson of record (as listed on application) must be present during the entire show. Photo ID (driver’s license or passport) is required during registration prior to set up to receive badges and booth signs. Booths must be set up, staffed and open on time. All loading and unloading is done during specified times. Exhibitor vehicles must be parked in specified locations. Shows are held rain or shine. No early breakdown.

Floor Jurying

All shows are floor juried for two purposes: 1) to issue cash awards to exceptional exhibitors with master status and 2) to assure that exhibiting members’ work is consistent with Guild standards.


Special demonstration booths are available at some shows. If accepted, a complimentary 5’ by 10’ booth space may be available. Demos must be dynamic presentations that inform the public of the importance of handmade crafts and the process involved. Demos are expected to be on-going; comprising 1/3 to 1/2 of your full booth, and you are required to have an assistant to deal with most of your sales. Only Guild Juried members may apply.

Review Procedure

Your five images will be projected simultaneously and scored by a carefully-chosen selection committee. Jurors are chosen based on their fine craft expertise and represent a variety of media. For each show, exhibitors in each medium are limited to ensure a balanced show. Only those with top scores are accepted. PGC juried members receive a bonus point.


All show payments must be made via Zapplication. Your application submission is your commitment to participation in the show. The application fee must be paid at the time application is submitted. Booth fees must be paid via Zapplication by or before the due date(s) specified for each show. You will have approximately 25-30 days from the date of notification of acceptance to confirm & pay for your space in a show to which you are accepted. If the exhibitor does not make booth payment on-time their booth/ place in the show may be forfeited. In the event you must cancel your participation in a show, you must notify us in writing via email to paguildshows@pacrafts.org as outlined below. Exhibitors submitting declined credit cards will be charged an additional $25 fee to reprocess payment.


If placed on the waitlist. Your payment will not be due or processed until you are added and confirmed for the show.


Pets are not allowed. Insurance for loss, damage, injury, or liability is your responsibility. Additional guidelines are distributed in pre-show packets.

Cancellation Policy & Refunds

I understand that all cancellations must be in writing via email to paguildshows@pacrafts.org.
Cancellation requests will be acknowledged via email. If you do not receive an acknowledgment, please contact us, because payments will be due unless we have verified your cancellation request.

Refunds are made as follows:

  • More than 90 days or more before starting date of show, and your space can be filled, a 2/3rds booth fee will be refunded; minus $25.00 processing fee.
  • 60-89 days prior to starting date of the show, and your space can be filled, a 1/3rd booth fee will be refunded; minus a $25 processing fee.
  • Less than 60 days prior to starting date of the show- no refunds will be issued.
  • Application & membership fees are nonrefundable. I have read the show rules and I agree to abide by said rules, payment schedules and cancellation schedules.

Waiver of Liability

In no event shall the PGC/PDC and its employees, officers, directors, representatives, volunteers and agents be held liable for refunds, claims or any other liabilities for failure to produce the show due to circumstances beyond its control including, but not limited to: weather, fire, acts of God, tort, strikes, legal action, site damage or cancellation, governmental actions, or other causes.


For loss, damage, injury, or liability is the applicant/exhibitor’s responsibility.

Rules, Terms, & Conditions

I, the applicant, do expressly release the producer, PGC/PDC, its employees and subcontractors, the Owners of the show sites, Co-Producers, Sponsors and Volunteers from any and all liability for any damage, injury or loss to any person or goods which may arise from participation in the event(s).

If this application is accepted I give permission to use my name, business name, images submitted, website and its content and any photographs or videotape taken at the shows of me or my items for advertising and/or publicity purposes. I make this application in good faith and am ready, willing and able to participate in the event(s) upon acceptance.

I understand notification of acceptance into the event(s) implies a contract with all the duties, fees, and obligations incumbent therein. An exhibitor’s failure to accept and pay for their booth by the closing date listed on Zapplication means a forfeiture of their space in the said show(s).

Images for Promotional Materials

We choose only the very best work of our Master Craftsmen to use on our promotional materials and billboards. But we won’t use last year’s images. Send fresh, professional-quality images each year. If you are not a Master Craftsmen and would like your work featured, consider applying for Master Status

How to Apply:


All applications are submitted through Zapplication. Information on image requirements when applying with Zapplication can be found here.

Image Guidelines:

  • Images must represent work being displayed.
  • No exhibitor names or faces should be visible in booth images.
  • No descriptions, names or text of any sorts should be overlayed onto the images.
  • Use current work.
  • Poor images are the #1 reason expert craftsmen are turned down for our shows. Make certain your image is as good as your craftsmanship.

Late Applications: As a membership organization, we try to accommodate your needs, however, late applications are not encouraged and will only be reviewed on the basis of space availability.

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