Importance of of Floor Jurying

Respecting Our Fine Craft Fair Patrons

Over the years the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen has built a reputation for presenting work of the highest quality at our Fine Craft Fairs. We promise the public an opportunity to see and purchase fine handmade original work and we promise our craftsmen an audience that recognizes and celebrates fine craftsmanship.  One of the ways we make sure we keep this trust between our member exhibitors and our collectors, we floor jury each event..

Floor jurying means that a team of Master Artisans, selected by the Standards Committee, visits every exhibitor booth at the start of every Fine Craft Fair to assure that the exhibitors are properly offering the works they presented for Show Selection Jurying.  They also determine which Master Artisan exhibitors will receive the prestigious Benchmark Awards, cash prizes, for those who best exemplify Excellence in Craftsmanship, Resolved Design, and Unique Voice (Contemporary) or Faithful Reproduction (Traditioanl).

If an exhibitor sees work at a Fine Craft Fair that they find questionable, they are encouraged to discreetly notify the Vice President, Standards, who will do a review of the issue and, with the Standards Committee, take proper action. This enables our exhibitors to concentrate on having a great show experience attending to their many customers.

To prepare as an exhibitor for floor jurying, make sure that the work you offer in your booth during the Fine Craft Fair is of the same caliber, quality, and style as that which you provided as part of your application.

Floor jurying is done in the first hours of our Fine Craft Fairs. When you see the floor jury in action, please understand that they are volunteering to ensure the highest quality for our shows.  The jury will need to move quickly to accomplish the full review, but the Standards Vice President will be available to discuss any issues you might have, after the floor jurying is complete.  Exhibitors should feel free to contact the Standards Vice President at any time, not just during a show.

PGC Fine Craft Fairs are as strong as we, the member artisans, make them. Our reputation was built on work of exceptional quality. It takes all of us to keep that reputation shining.

Our Three Benchmarks

Excellence In Craftsmanship
Excellence in craftsmanship is reserved for work that shows the highest standards of quality. The work demonstrates a mastery of the medium, far beyond basic and intermediate proficiency skills. Attention to details and a thorough knowledge of the medium is demonstrated. Materials used are of the highest quality and of the best choice to enhance the overall design of the piece. The entire work is executed without technical flaw and it meets its intended purpose — e.g.,  if it’s a pitcher, it must pour, a jacket must fit, a drawer must glide freely. The appropriateness of technique and process are successfully united in a piece that shows excellence of craftsmanship.
Resolved Design

Resolved Design shows good composition and artistic excellence. Choice of materials and methods shows innovation and mastery. Criteria for reproduction or original interpretation of traditional work include both the use of materials that are appropriate to the period and style and documentation to support the traditional style of the work being interpreted or reproduced.

Unique Voice

Unique Voice speaks of the true creative nature of the Master Artisan who creates contemporary fine craft. The conceptual richness evidenced in the work shows the nature, complexity and execution that marks the work as particular to this individual artisan. It is distinctive. Unique Voice sets it apart from the work of others. It achieves an individual identity readily recognizable as belonging to this artisan.

Faithful Reproduction represents the faithful and sensitive reproduction or original interpretation of traditional styles, designs, and shapes that have defined long-respected works of the craftsmen of our history.

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