My experience derives from working in jewelry design and production for over 30 years.
The jewelry pieces involve constructed forms in mixed metals primarily titanium,
assembled in layers, and cold connected with rivets to give the finished piece a three-dimensional
effect. Inspiration draws from nature and technological objects.

I travel extensively throughout the United States demonstrating, showing and selling my work at
exhibitions and art shows such as The ACC Craft Shows, The Chicago Old Town Art
Fair, Longs Park Art and Craft Festival in Lancaster, PA. Recent exhibitions include
Wearable Expressions, CraftForms and The Mesa Art Museum’s Contemporary Crafts
Exhibition. My work has appeared in several publications, such as Making Metal
Jewelry, Wrap, Stitch, Ford and Rivet, Showcase 500 Art Necklaces, Ornament Magazine
and Art Jewelry Magazine.

My work has garnered a variety of recognition in 2017: The
Saul Bell Award as a Finalist, Wearable Expressions for Honorable Mention, Krasl Art
on the Bluff, First Place in Category and The Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsman for The
Resolved Design Award.

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