One of five original squares planned by city founder William Penn in the late 17th century, Rittenhouse Square sits in the middle of some of the most desirable addresses in Philadelphia.

High-rise residences, luxury apartments, an office tower, popular restaurants and retail stores surround the tree-filled park, which offers an oasis of respite and relaxation amidst the bustling city.

Named for astronomer and clockmaker David Rittenhouse, Rittenhouse Square is where visitors and locals gather for picnics, brown-bag lunches or just strolling amid the trees, manicured lawns and sculptures.

The family-friendly park is one of the most lovely and peaceful spots in which to paint, read, relax on a park bench or catch-up with friends.

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Rittenhouse Square - Philadelphia

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We encourage you to take SEPTA’s train line to the Suburban Station. The stop is only 3 blocks away and is noted on the map above. Or perhaps you’d like to take Amtrak to 30th Street Station and take a taxi ride to Rittenhouse Square.

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